Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama----Liberal Democrats Are Breaking This Nation
And no one knows how to stop the madness

"Stimulus" bill............................................$878 billion
Omnibus spending bill...............................$410 billion (covering four months)
President Obama's proposed budget*.......$3.6 trillion!!!!!

* $750 billion put into an emergency fund specifically to bail out more banks.

U.S. Budget, Spending Plans Will Bring Deficit to $1.75T

'President Obama's proposed budget, which is being released later this morning, will include an additional $250 billion that could be used to bail out struggling banks, and the total government spending plan will bring the 2009 budget deficit to a soaring $1.75 trillion, officials said this morning..........(it was just reported on another news outlet that the bank reserve funds are $750 billion, not $250)

But the spending plan is not free of the budgetary maneuvers routinely found in any new president's first attempt at reducing his vision for the nation to cold, hard numbers, sources said. Congressional Democrats defended the proposal, while conceding that the chances of achieving its goals are highly uncertain........."(Washington Post)

"Achieving its goals"??? Obama's budget-busting proposal is on its way to Nancy Pelosi's House of spending ill repute. I would be willing to bet my entire assets, (slim pickens), that this budget will leave the House above Obama's numbers.

And where do you folks think all this money is going to come from????? The Post goes on to attempt to ask/explain this question:

"And though Obama told Congress on Tuesday that his budget team has "already identified $2 trillion in savings" to help tame record budget deficits, about half of those "savings" are actually tax increases, administration officials said. A big chunk of the rest of the savings comes from measuring Obama's plans against an unrealistic scenario in which the Iraq war continues to suck up $170 billion a year forever..........." link

"Barack Obama is proposing that the U.S. alter the relationship between the national government and private sector that was put in place by Ronald Reagan and largely continued by the presidencies of Bill Clinton and the Bushes. Then, the private sector led the economy. Now Washington will chart its course......." (Dan Henninger at WSJ)

With all due respect to my dear cousin that has scolded me for using the word "socialism" out of context, just what do you call this radical change in how our capitalistic system is changing right before our eyes? Why does this nation refuse to see the levels of government dependency that will never be rectified or reversed?

Henninger ends his article by heeding this warning:

"Gov. Bobby Jindal's postspeech reply did not come close to recognizing the gauntlet Mr. Obama has thrown down to the opposition. Unless the GOP can discover a radical message of its own to distinguish it from the president's, it should prepare to live under Mr. Obama's radicalism for at least a generation."

The "radical message" needs to not only come from the GOP. It needs to come from every American in this nation---------STOP THE FUCKING SPENDING BEFORE YOU DESTROY US ALL!.........

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