Saturday, December 05, 2009

O'Reilly Takes a Feeble Stab At Economics

There’s just no other way to say it, Bill O’Reilly is an economic idiot. His plan to bring down the deficit with a 2% national sales tax is pure foolishness, but so is Bill. Why this man thinks he's suddenly and economics academic or even educated in the field is beyond comprehension. When Neil Cavuto explains why the national sales tax would bring down sales volume, O’Reilly resorts to the Alinsky principle, by insulting Cavuto's pink tie and insinuating Cavuto has wasted Fox's money by going to Washington to cover Obama's latest political amusement----the jobs summit. Speaking of a jobs summit, guess who was on Obama's partisian list and who's missing? Three major business organizations that represent over 140 million jobs where left off Barack Obama’s summit list simply because they have been critical of Obama's socialist spending policies that are sending this nation into generational debt. Those that did attend were social spending liberals like Paul Krugman---who believes the government is the answer along with raising taxes across the board---and other minions of the unions and corporation CEO's that help to put Obama in office. They are all looking for one thing, and that's how their industry can manipulate the government to fit their bottom lines, while screwing the public.

Bill O should stick to what he does best----claiming he's kissed Obama's ass enough with his "fair and balance" crapola, and protecting the kids. As any one who thinks raising taxes on the general public is a good idea, the guy is simply a moron, and has no reality of how the government has gotten in the way of capitalism and the free market driven principals that made this nation the most wealthy and profitable in the world. O’Reilly knows the Obama administration is out of control on domestic spending and said so in his talking point memo at the beginning of the show. He got his feeling hurt right off the git-go when Cavuto slammed the door on this stupid idea. Cavuto actually soft-pedaled his response while O’Reilly objected like a scolded child interrupting to plead his case. And, (I think), Cavuto could have further embarrassed O’Reilly by simply telling O his idea was not only impractical but non-productive to market driven forces. But his cockamamie idea of raising taxes---and believing that this current government will stop spending AND apply these taxes solely for deficit reduction---puts O'Reilly directly into the kool-aid drinking class of his reality-check segment. Do us all a favor Bill, and take a powder on this one.

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