Thursday, December 31, 2009

President Obama---Please STOP SPENDING NOW

Treasury Department---(Mr. Geithner)---STOP issuing money now.
United States Congress---Stop spending NOW.

This nation and its citizenry need to send a serious message to President Obama, Timothy Geithner, and the United States Congress, that this nation can no longer afford these open checkbook policies. It's time to rein in the spending practices that is putting this nation in generational debt. From the day the Democrats took control in 2006, this government has spent trillions in unfunded budgets, pork barrel spending, (earmarks), and entitlements, using a recession as the primary excuse. Too many times we've heard the phrase, "too big to fail" while unemployment has skyrocketed from 4.5% (6.0% when the Democrats took power) to 10% nationally, and as high as 17% in certain regions of the country. Those responsible citizens that participated in the tea-parties and town halls had one united message that the Obama administration, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi have purposely and belligerently ignored----STOP SPENDING NOW.

Next November, these liberal Democrats (and their spending policies), will find out who is “too big to fail”. This irresponsible government will see an unprecedented “change” in leadership throughout the House and the Senate. Every senator or congressperson that participated in this runaway spending spree, (regardless of party affiliation), will see their careers come to an abrupt end. For months, warnings have been sounded in poll after poll, town halls, and tea parties, and yet “the people”---constituents on both sides of the political spectrum---are ignored while the pigs in Washington fatten their wallets on the backs of the working taxpayer. The Democrat’s promise to “soak it to the rich” and “redistribute the wealth” is the biggest lie of the 21st century, while the middle class sees nothing but higher taxes on the horizon.

The most recent economic disaster, (that is not yet passed or signed into law), is this healthcare bill. It was originally proposed as an effort to reduce the cost to every American citizen. Instead, this 100% Democrat legislation has turned out to be nothing but billions in payoffs to the insurance industry, pharmaceutical companies, and another unfunded entitlement that WILL NOT reduce the cost of healthcare. This current legislation that is going into the conference committee is nothing short of a ponzi scheme directing your government to begin collecting your hard earned dollars for up to three years before any benefit is realized. For three years your government will collect this money with the full intention of funding a program they claim will reduce your healthcare cost, while nothing could be further from the truth. The Democrats have taken a chapter out of Bernie Madoff’s billion dollar scam, showing “money on the books” by cutting billions in senior heath care programs, (Medicare, Medicare Advantage), raising taxes on current heath care policies, taxing medical devices, (that will be passed on directly to the consumer). In addition, “funding” will also be raised when ten million of our youths, (healthy eighteen to thirty year olds), will be forced by law---for the first time in this nation’s history---to purchase healthcare insurance under the threat of penalty, and or imprisonment.

With Social Security and Medicare currently underfunded and scheduled to be insolvent in the next decade, your government plans on adding another entitlement designed to put this nation further in debt. While the Democrats have, (through fancy bookkeeping practices Bernie would be proud of), claimed this new entitlement will actually reduce the deficit, every function of this legislation MUST BE REALIZED. If one portion of this ponzi scheme fails, it will cost this nation trillions in more unfunded debt.

But, what’s a few trillion more to Barack Obama and your liberal democrat “leadership”, (who just raised the debt limit another “paltry” $290 billion---now at $12.4 TRILLION DOLLARS)??? Never mind that the democrats have spent over three trillion dollars since taking control of your government in 2006. Never mind that in three short years your government has tripled the spending of the entire eight years of the Bush administration that includes two wars, Katrina, and, oh yeah, a little interruption called 9/11. Never mind that Republicans stayed home in 2006 because they were disgusted with Bush’s spending policies that included a bi-partisan UNFUNDED prescription drug bill. I’m certain Bush and Karl Rove thought this was a perfect plan to take away a major platform that belonged to the democrats. While it may have kept independents and seniors in line to re-elect Bush in 2004, the culmination of “change” took its toll two years later.

What Barack Obama and this liberal democrat government have failed to understand, (or completely ignore), is that “the people” of this nation hates big government and their unfunded spending policies designed to defer the cost to the next generation. Further, they understand that middle class taxes will have to be raised, despite the liberal’s claim that they’re “soaking it to the rich”. The people continue to tighten their belts while their government spends like there’s no tomorrow. Tomorrow, (next November), can’t come soon enough when the Democrats discover they are not “too big to fail”. Using the words of our current President, these policies have become a “systemic failure”---financial domestic terrorism at its finest.

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