Sunday, November 15, 2009

What Does the Media Fear in Sarah Palin?

Perhaps the question should be, "what does the liberal media fear in Sarah Palin?" Newsweek magazine can't even find a cover photo for her new book and instead uses a photo from Runners World to depict her as anything other than a conservative politician that might have a serious problem with the current administrations severe spending policies. Newsweek even goes a bit farther in its disdain for her with their caption: "How do you solve a problem like Sarah". Got that? Sarah's a problem. CBS news online even goes out of their way to comment on Newsweek's story, calling Palin's book filled with "vindictiveness."

She's the latest in a long line of potential presidential hopefuls to pen a book, and Newsweek Senior Editor Michael Hirsh says it could show she, too, is gearing up for a run at the White House.

"There are a couple things that were somewhat disturbing about Palin that appear in this book," Hirsh observed, "(including) this streak of vindictiveness toward her political enemies, which we see now include many in the (Arizona Senator and former GOP standard bearer John) McCain camp.

"Basically, the book confirms all of the stories that have been out there for many months about the dissensions within the McCain camp, as well as some of the questions about her mastery of the issues. We see that in this book as well. LINK

CNN's John King runs his story this morning, starting with Palin's interview with Katie Curic and then interviews a few of Palins local Alaska critics to prove, (in his mind), her "irrelevancy". Speaking of John King, he's slated to take over Lou Dobbs slot on CNN. Dobbs was the last "thorn in CNN's side" that came close to providing CNN with a moderate voice.

People Magazine online picks through Palin's interview with Barbara Walter and comes up with a crowd pleasing "Sarah Palin Was 'Devastated' by Daughter's Pregnancy" as their headline. I will confess that People is hardly a political news source and their editors found what they thought would sell more magazines.

The LA Times calls Palin's book, Going Rogue, as a shot at redemption and revenge. The Times article provides a litany of her divisive conflicts in last years campaign and, as most other liberal news mediums, chooses to leave out any of her political convictions. Of course, they have to rely on only three sources at this post---Oprah, Walters, and AP, who purchased an avanced copy of Palin's book---so they can claim their information was limited. Cherry-picking the worst that Palin's book might reveal is certainly the flavor our leftstream media's diet, but who's surprised? At least the Times offered a link to Palin's facebook page that disputed/clarified much of AP's contentions---which is now broken or no longer available. When I find an open link, I'll try to provide it in an update.

The bottom line is, as Palin's book, Going Rogue, goes into public release on November 17th, the leftstream media has had their opportunities to again cherry-pick their sources to provide their rhetorical disdain for the conservative diva. She will have enough material from their diatribes to publish another best seller, while the first one's about to be released. Fear and desperation apparently has stricken the left over Palin's resurrection back onto the political scene. But don't expect the left to provide any content that shows Palin's conservative values, that much of mainstream America shares. That would be "rogue" indeed.

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