Thursday, June 12, 2008

New York Times Soft-pedals Johnson's Resignation

The New York Times today attempted to tap Barack Obama's top VP vetter as a "challenge": LINK TO STORY

"The resignation of James A. Johnson highlights the challenge Barack Obama faces in living up to his goal of not surrounding himself with people with ties to special interests."

Also in the article, the Times pointed out Obama's never-ending "search" for experience:

"Mr. Johnson’s departure deprives Mr. Obama of decades of experience and access to Washington’s power elite. Mr. Johnson has been a fixture in Washington political and legal circles for three decades, and he led the vice-presidential search team for Senator John Kerry, the Democrats’ presidential nominee in 2004"

Then, the authors "forget" / "misplace" a John McCain quote:

"His resignation highlights the difficulties for Mr. Obama’s campaign in trying to live up to his promises to remain independent of the Washington establishment and the special interests that populate it.

Mr. McCain and national Republican officials, who had seized on the questions being raised about Mr. Johnson, gloated over his departure on Wednesday.

"The American people have reason to question the judgment of a candidate who has shown he will only make the right call when under pressure from the news media," Tucker Bounds, a McCain spokesman, said in a statement."

I have yet to find in this article where Mr. McCain's statement is recorded or quoted. Did the authors of the story imply that Mr. McCain "GLOATED" in abstencia ???

Finally, the Times conveniently leaves out the definition of "high-profile advisers":

"Although Mr. Obama’s campaign is known for its stability and cohesiveness, Mr. Johnson is at least the second high-profile adviser to step down in the wake of controversy. In March, Samantha Power, a close friend and foreign policy adviser, resigned after referring to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as "a monster."

I guess Jeremiah Wright was never considered a "high-profile advisor"??? Silly me, Mr. Wright never "stepped down"------- or did he?

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