Wednesday, June 18, 2008

America's Energy Crisis Thirsting for Leadership

News Flash ! Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate for president, opposes lifting the ban on offshore drilling and says that allowing exploration now wouldn't affect gasoline prices for at least five years.

So much for the future of "hope and change". Can we ask Senator Obama if in any way his political motives are getting in the way of his mental capacity to understand the will of the people? Does the economic hardship all Americans are experiencing permit Mr. Obama to wait until January to have an enlightenment and change this failed policy? Are Obama's advisors committed to staying this course to maintain any portion of his left-wing electorate?

This is a moment in our history that not only the President, but both house's of the legislature should not only release the moratorium, but also make it a directive to demand that oil construction contractors begin setting up to drill in three months. They should also demand that at least five locations would begin breaking ground within six months.

Adding to the legislation that contractors break ground on another five locations for nuclear power plants would also relieve the electric power grid that is currently running at maximum levels.

All of these directives should be implemented immediately along with another 20 billion in alternative energy development----and scrap the corn based ethanol program that is draining our precious resources in the food chain.

With our current Democratic controlled House and Senate we have seen the price at the pumps double in two short years and yet they are maintaining their status quo that is restricting this nation from moving forward. It should be demanded that every legislator that votes to prohibit this process will be doing so at their own peril, and every moron that says "we can't drill our way out of this predicament", (which includes Mr. Bill O'Reilly who is clueless on a free-market capitalism ideology) has underestimated the power of a determined nation. If our government would implement the same incentive-based construction plans that preformed the re-construction of the Northridge Quake hiways, all of these projects could go on line in three to five years. This would prove to the "detractors" that YES, WE CAN DRILL OUR WAY OUT OF THIS.

It's time for our leadership to step up to the task at hand. Demand that they move forward with these plans or be prepared to be removed from their "responsibilities" of representing the electorate that put them there. LEAD, FOLLOW, OR JUST GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!

Update: Check out the price of gas since our dear friends on the left have taken office:

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