Thursday, June 26, 2008

Democrats Spending Practices------No Change

The New York Times today has posted a story regarding "party unity", while missing to point out the typical practices that Democrats are accustomed to-----over-spending:

Democrats in Delicate Talks to Unify Party


Published: June 26, 2008

WASHINGTON — With the help of one of Washington’s best-connected lawyers, Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are negotiating a thicket of complicated issues, like how to repay Mrs. Clinton’s campaign debt and her role at the Democratic convention. The talks come as they try to leave behind their intense rivalry and work out a plan to cooperate this fall.

Mr. Obama’s aides said that while he was prepared to help her pay off the debt, there was only so far he would go, given his campaign’s own desire to raise record sums for the general election. In addition to the $12 million that Mrs. Clinton owes to outside suppliers, she pumped more than $10 million of her own money into her campaign. LINK

So, to sum up the Democratic Party's dilemma: Hillary Clinton purchased services and goods on credit at the end of her campaign run. In addition, Clinton loaned and spent 12 million of her own money leaving her 22 million in debt while attempting to defeat Obama. Does this practice of over-spending sound familiar among Democrats? Does the 800 billion in unfunded entitlements that Obama has promised to American voters ring any bells? In a period where the average wage earner is struggling to make ends meet, do they intend to embrace a party that goes beyond their budgets with reckless spending practices? How does Mr. Obama justify asking his supporters to pay off Mrs. Clinton's debts while others live within their means? This is the typical mentality of the Democratic Party--------spend now, and tax your way out of the debt on the backs of the American worker. Like the weatherman says, "there will be no change".

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