Monday, February 11, 2008

Obama's Plight Could Get Rocky
Sooner or later his "hope and change" will require some substance and clarity.

There will come a time soon where Mr. Obama will have to articulate on his proclamations of "hope and change". So far, Obama has managed to ride his dog and pony show wowing his audience with his smooth rhetoric and charismatic delivery. Avoiding specifics of his plan to convert "hope and change" into a new way business is conducted in Washington seems to sit well with his followers. How long Obama's parade can last is another question.

Still looming is how the actual Democratic nomination process will play out in months ahead leading up to their convention in Denver, (August 25th - 28th). With Obama's sweep of primaries this past weekend and his potential victories ahead that could propel him enough to receive the label of "front-runner", what the "Clinton Machine" does to slow this momentum will be under a microscope of "journalist" and pundits. The change of campaign managers by Mrs. Clinton could be a sign of desperation or just an infusion of new blood which is desperately needed.

There are few choices the Clintons, (Hillary and Bill) can make when it comes to attacking Obama's perceived policies without alienating a strong portion of her own base. Both candidates are competing over who can promise to bring the most amount of troops home while calling on little or no advice from our commanders on the ground. Clinton has promised troop withdrawals with in sixty days after her coronation and Obama's plan is to remove two divisions a month until there are no longer combat troops on the ground. Both plans are folly and potentially could undo the substantial progress General Petraeus and our fighting military have accomplished in bringing real stability to the region. While al Qaeda and the foreign insurgents are in total disarray and getting forced into tighter corners of Iraq, an un-necessary and premature pull-out for the sake of the anti-war vote could create years of devastation for the Iraqi people and a fragile region just when we are in a brink of a solid victory over the radical jihad that has sworn to exterminate the west. And these two claim they are better suited to protecting our national security than John McCain? In their dreams.

While the Democratic pundits are attempting to call Mike Huckabee a fracturing function of the Republican Party, it seems looking in the mirror at their own potential meltdowns would be better advice. Just like the college and pro football seasons that just concluded, no one can predict with certainty who will come out on top. And the second half has just begun.

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