Friday, February 01, 2008

The Crucifiction of John McCain

It's the Last Day to witness the CRUCIFICTION OF JOHN McCAIN by the "puritan conservatives". Be sure to step up to the cross and heave a spit on the old man that some here are claiming Hillary is more conservative than McCain------what a load of horse manure.

With the Superbowl taking over the media frenzy and silencing the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, et all, maybe rational heads will come down from their "Pontius Pilot" thrones and realize there is NO POLL showing that Romney can defeat Hillary or Obama, (in fact he is losing by double digits to both of them in most polls), while the same polls show McCain defeating either Democrat by 9-15 points. Take McCain and the points and re-focus on the BIG GAME, which is defeating the Democratic nominee.

Or do "conservatives" really want to gamble with putting Hillary and Bill back on the throne?

Latest Gallop national tracking poll: McCain 37% Romney 22%

Disclaimer: Yes, I do have many issues with McCain of great concern that does not please me as much as others here. Neither of the two remaining viable candidates fit into the mold of the pure principals of conservatism. The "my party has left me" faction have valid points. But fracturing the party to the point that allows another eight years of a Clinton Dynasty would be the ultimate sin. Eight years of higher taxes, entitlements ballooning, and maybe up to three liberal Supreme Court justices appointed ------- roll the dice------but please remember, everything's in the pot, including your children and grandchildren's future.

Oh, and I like the Giants + the points.

Update: Lorie Byrd at Wizbang focus's on our MAIN PRIORITY HERE.

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