Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dateline 2152

It's being reported that the great-grandson of an early 1990's President, William Jefferson Clinton, has rallied a community of 30 to revive a liberal institution called the Democratic Party that disintegrated in 2008 when President Clinton's wife attempted to steal a nomination by claiming the suffrage of white women took precedence over the will of a growing black electorate. Historians wrote that during one of the final debates between Mrs. Clinton and a young upstart, Barak Obama, Clinton pull out from under her podium a meat cleaver and a stick of salami. The audience was aghast as Clinton whacked the "member" into two pieces and declared "this race is over". Her opponent fell over and died instantly of a heart attack, and Clinton was hauled away to a newly constructed sanatorium called the Kennedy-Kerry Convalescent Home for Wayward Liberals. The Democratic Party never recovered and was replaced by the current party called Centrocrats.

(Side note: it was reported that the Convalescent Home was fully funded by the global-warming scam artist Albert Gore who died in prison years later for bilking millions from what historians called the scandal of the century.)

In other news------as temperatures dropped into the minus 20’s for the eleventh consecutive month, the fence at the Canadian border is breaking down and the Alaskan Polar Bears that migrated south in the first part of the century due to overpopulation are finding their way across and exterminating entire townships along the border. While many scientists thought it would be generations before the carnivores would tire of Canadian meat, it seem this is not the case.

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