Monday, May 07, 2007

What You Won't See From The MSM

Greyhawk from the Mudville Gazette has posted what most Americans will NOT see reported on the events in Iraq:

So - with the Commanding General in the U.S. this week, did the troops of MNF-I slack off?
Doesn't look like it:

Sunday, 29 April 2007 72 SUSPECTED TERRORISTS DETAINEDSaturday, 28 April 2007 US, Iraqi raid in Mahmudiyah nets Iranian-marked rockets, mortarsSaturday, 28 April 2007 Marines destroy truck bomb near Karmah Saturday, 28 April 2007 17 SUSPECTED TERRORISTS DETAINED IN IRAQSaturday, 28 April 2007 Baqubah: Local’s tips lead to successSaturday, 28 April 2007 Commandos, Baghdad Eagles detain suspected extremists, find caches and IEDsSaturday, 28 April 2007 Marne Forward Newscast – Soldiers work with Iraqi PoliceSaturday, 28 April 2007Iraqi Army-led mission nets large cacheSaturday, 28 April 2007 Operation Chalons emphasizes U.S., ISF coordinationSaturday, 28 April 2007 Weapons cache foundSaturday, 28 April 2007 FOUR SUSPECTED TERRORISTS DETAINED Friday, 27 April 2007 Operation Commando Dive leads to detentions, cache findsFriday, 27 April 2007 COALITION FORCES DETAIN NINEFriday, 27 April 2007 FOUR SUSPECTED SECRET CELL TERRORISTS DETAINEDThursday, 26 April 2007 Four terrorists killed, two suspects woundedThursday, 26 April 2007 TERRORISTS KILLED, VBIED NETWORK DISRUPTEDThursday, 26 April 2007 CCCI Convicts 41, Sentences 4 to death, 3 to life imprisonmentThursday, 26 April 2007 THREE TERRORISTS KILLED DURING OPERATIONS IN SADR CITYWednesday, 25 April 2007 Six suspected terrorists detainedWednesday, 25 April 2007 Al-Qaeda in Iraq security emir killedTuesday, 24 April 2007 10 SUSPECTED TERRORISTS DETAINED, CACHE FOUNDTuesday, 24 April 2007 VBIED detonates near Diyala’s provincial council headquartersTuesday, 24 April 2007 Correction - Fardh Al-Qanoon Update Efforts Against Extremists ContinueTuesday, 24 April 2007 Weapons cache found inside Baghdad mosqueMonday, 23 April 2007 19 TERRORISTS DETAINED IN COALITION RAIDSMonday, 23 April 2007 Troops assist neighborhood with fire damageMonday, 23 April 2007 Coalition Forces see progress in Diyala River ValleySunday, 22 April 2007 ONE TERRORIST KILLED, 19 SUSPECTS CAPTURED, BOMB-MAKING CACHE FOUNDSunday, 22 April 200715 TERRORISTS KILLED, SEVEN SUSPECTED TERRORISTS DETAINEDSunday, 22 April 2007 Clearing operation Nets Five Weapons Caches in Baghdad’s Mansour district

Meanwhile, back in America, hard working newspaper editors were diligently ensuring that virtually none of these stories would appear in their headlines.

As I reported here, violence over all in Baghdad and the Anbar province is down by nearly 50% in the last month. But how can we see these changes when all that the MSM cares to report is the "of it bleeds, it leads"? How do we support this effort when only half the story is reported?

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