Friday, May 18, 2007

Ten Aces in Four Months

You read it right------10 ligitimate holes in one in for months:

Just How Amazing Is Jacqueline Gagne -- And Her 10 Golf Aces?

Jacqueline Gagne has had 10 once-in-a-lifetime experiences in less than four months.
Since Jan. 23, the 46-year-old from Rancho Mirage, Calif., has hit 10 holes in one, or just eight fewer than were hit on the entire Ladies Professional Golf Association tour last year.
Her local paper, the Desert Sun of Palm Springs, Calif., has corroborated Ms. Gagne's feat, running notes alongside articles from editors saying they're just as skeptical as readers, but everything has checked out.

The paper also asked a local statistician, Michael McJilton of the College of the Desert, to compute the odds against the feat. The result, which headlined the article: 113,527,276,681,000,000 to 1. And that was after just seven aces. I asked Mr. McJilton to repeat the computation after Ms. Gagne hit three more in the following couple of weeks, over a total of just 75 rounds. He returned the astronomical number of roughly 12 septillion (12 followed by 24 zeroes) to 1. Such an unlikely event should never happen. It's like winning the lottery four straight times. No wonder David Letterman came calling. (Full Story)

Now I've hit two in the hole off the tee in my lifetime-----one was a hole-in-one and the other was after I hit my first shot into the woods, yes it was a hell of a par. The feat that this lady has accomplished in just four months just boggles the mind.

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