Thursday, May 24, 2007

Common Sense Prevails

House passes Iraq funding bill without timetable.

In a 280-142 vote, the House passed a $120-billion Iraq war funding bill that contains no timeline to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq. The bill is now sent to the Senate for final passage, "expected later Thursday night."

Senate passes funding bill 80-14-----Clinton and Obama among the 14 that have refused to support our troops.

Think Progress and lefty blogs besides themselves.

updates developing...............

Kennedy was sweatin' bullets all day acting like he was the majority leader and Harry was no where to be seen. I guess the Dems thought they better get something done (they thought they could brag about) before they got home this weekend to catch the ration from their constituents.

The trade-off was a pathetic and rushed immigration bill that will need to be refined/revamped........better than nothing? Who knows.

Now (at least) GW can tell General Petraeus the political games the left has been playing with the lives of his troops (and 30 million Iraqi) is over for a bit. Now the General has the summer to win the war/peace, 'cause it will be up to the Iraqi's to carry their own ball after that.

Three cheers for the sane portion of the democratic party that finally came to their senses, well most of them. Hillary voted not to support the troops and that may be a defining (Kerry) moment for her ambitions. MOVE-ON THAT!

update: Ed Morrissey at Captain's Quarters says "That Wasn't So Hard, Was It?"

update 2 Clinton and Obama offer no support

update 3 Dafydd's hatched his whole nest on this one at Big Lizzards

update 4 Dana at CSPT calls it a "Folding Chair Party"

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