Monday, February 26, 2007

First "Fair" Quake of 2007 Hits the Area

A moderate earthquake occurred at 4:19:54 AM (PST) on Monday, February
26, 2007.The magnitude 5.4 event occurred 52 km (32 miles) W of Ferndale, CA.The hypocentral depth is 0.4 km (0.2 miles).
Event ID# nc40193932

I had just woke up and was still lying in bed when the quake hit. First few seconds were very mild and I knew it would build before it subsided. It did, and then it continued for the better part of 15 seconds descending as the time went by. Nothing fell off the shelves here, but the ground did move as well as the bed I was in.
Most people in Humboldt County would call this a "fair" quake because usually these (that are out in the ocean) don't do much damage to our area structurally. Nothing like the three we had back in 1989, that were 6.4's and two 6 point aftershocks that made a mess of things around here or the 7.1 in '92Links to todays quake here and here

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