Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Democrats Want to Limit the Debate

The Senate Majority (by one vote) wants to frame (limit) the debate on the Iraq war, and indeed the war on terrorism.

Carl Levin said on Fox News this morning, "This whole debate is about whether the President has this "surge" or NOT". Levin does not want to talk about the fact that the democrats "no confidence" no surge policy will discourage our troops on the ground and embolden our enemies. The democrat party does not want to talk about the ramifications of failure in Iraq.

And the democrats want to have the option of cutting off funds supporting our troops.

Limiting the debate on the future of an Iraqi nation, and the fate of our battle against terrorism across the world is sheer madness and very shallow for our new majority. Senator Reid says the Republicans are playing a game in bringing alternative resolutions to the floor and he is sadly mistaken. This is hardly a game. I would submit that the new majority should allow every resolution to come to the floor for a full debate with no limits on time.

The subject of the war in Iraq should not be limited.

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