Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Will of this Nation

Nearly 56 years ago, in 1950, the Truman administration issued what would become a framework for America's Cold War strategy for four decades. In a formerly classified document called NSC 68, the Truman administration said, quote, "Our fundamental purpose is more likely to be defeated from lack of will to maintain it than from any mistakes we may make or assault we may undergo because of asserting that will," unquote. Today our nation is again in a long struggle. And again, the toughest challenge will be to maintain our national will to persevere and to prevail.

Secretary Rumsfeld

The "backbone" of this country and their "will" has deteriorated into the passive society of the 60's. Again.

Patriotism has taken a back seat to privilege and the pursuit of power. The democratic party is so incensed with regaining that power they have no regard for the overall safety and security of the nation. In their minds everything that this administration has done to fight terrorism is wrong. Dead wrong. And yet they offer no plan or a better idea, other that to bash Bush for political gain. And these people want to be back in power for what reason? To protect us? Maybe they can talk the mullahs and terrorist to death.

I believe Truman and Rumsfeld are right to question the resolve of this nation. The term "united" in this fight is no where to be found.


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