Saturday, March 11, 2006

McCain and His Chances

Did anyone happen to see the near "end run" the Dems nearly used to attempt to show this nation how tough they are (not) on national security? They so dearly wanted their up or down vote on the ports deal. Bigotry aside, the Dems think the lemmings of protectionism is crutial to getting elected. With the Dems having virtually no solid platform to run on they will be willing to grab onto anything reactionary that appeals to the masses. This ports deal was to be the first step on the plank.

Let me first say, IMO, this UAE deal should have been a slam dunk.Handled properly, the Bush administration could have had the lead in putting "real" security restrictions on the deal, stalling long enough to get a consensus. Singling out UAE as the only foreign operator in our ports is a joke. Unfortunately, UAE's "book of past" is still too much in the present. Yes, even Billys cigar will come back to haunt Hillary. Speaking of William Jefferson, I still wonder what slick Willy "promised" the Sheiks at UAE for his 300k? Did Bill know inadvance that his wife would be standing there ready to tell the nation that the UAE has no business handling our goods? Maybe I'm giving too much credit to Willy's vision on this one.

While many will say that the President has entered the lame duck status for good after this affair, IMO, President Bush has the moral high ground on this one and the bigots on both sides of the isle will go down in history as passing up one of the best opportunitys to form genuine relationships with the middle east and the Arab community. National security my ass!

When the Dems grabbed this one by the throat, (and the MSM andtheir polls) the momentum was too much for the chickin-shit Republican Party to be seen as soft of security. At that point they had no choice but to join in the defiance.

And where was John McCain in this horserace? He certainly wasn't on Bush's side. What a hypocrite.

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