Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Russell Feingold...............RIP?

Rovinsworld decided to "search" the pages of four large newspapers (online) the day after Russ Feingold introduced his censure motion.

The Washington Times posted this story on the front page, but the other three had nothing.

But was I surprised to find this in my "search" for the story in NYT's search engine. The search found no entries but suggested "Search Paid Death Notices and Paid Memorial Notices for" and there is Sen. Russell Feingold. (Click on Photo to enlarge)

Papers of Record, that published this story: SF Chron..........not in the last 30 days.

LA Times: Posted this story about Feingolds intentions (before Feingold took the resolution to the floor) : Democrat Plans to Ask Senate to Censure Bush By Richard Simon, Times Staff WriterMarch 13, 2006:

WASHINGTON — Sen. Russell D. Feingold (D-Wis.) said Sunday that he would ask the Senate to censure President Bush for authorizing a warrantless domestic spying program, signaling a new determination by Democrats to keep the heat on the White House over the controversial eavesdropping by the National Security Agency.

Today's search of the LA Times found nothing, but by broadening the search I found this nice one by Rosa Brooks in an op-ed:

They can't even win a war of words Democrats are mired in smallness. How hard can it be to craft a message of passion? March 10, 2006

"Part of the problem is ambition and cowardice, which together make a lethal combination. Too many would-be Democratic leaders think that "playing it safe" is the way to go. They're fine with criticizing the administration, but the minute they take any flak themselves, they go scurrying back into their holes. In place of a willingness to take risks and speak from the heart, they offer a craven and misguided dependence on polls, focus groups and "expert strategists."

'TOGETHER, America can do better." When you hear that, do you feel inspired?

I didn't think so.

Rosa never mentions "Ridiculous Russ"

I hear the kids at "Lost-Kos" have gone nuts (as usual) on this, but stay tuned.

Feingold may very well have one foot in the grave, (politically), and it appears the MSM isn't going to help with the shoveling.

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