Tuesday, January 24, 2006


CNS News Editor in Chief has a "few choice words"
for Frank Rich at the New York Times:

"Actually, it's Frank Rich, pompous columnist for the
scandal-plagued New York Times, writing on Jan. 22
about CNSNews.com allegedly launching a "fictional

"I have two words in response to Rich: Jayson Blair."
"Okay, more than two words."

"Frank, you haven't forgotten the scandal in which Blair
fabricated quotes, whole interviews and plagiarized from
other news sources for articles that your paper's editors
gladly published without practicing any due diligence,
have you?"

"It was just four years ago Frank. You remember. The
paper admitted to at least 36 instances of journalistic
fraud and it resulted in Times Executive Editor Howell
Raines and Managing Editor Gerald Boyd losing their

"But, if you need to vent Frank, I'm here for you."

Now I know I'm getting perilously close to copying
too much here, and I hope CNS will forgive me, but this is
just what the Gray Lady and Rich have coming. This is
more than the "pot callin' the kettle"; a reputable news
service putting Rich and his "cronies" at the NYT's on the
carpet with their "holier that thou" attitude. David
Thibault, CNSNews.com Editor in Chief goes on to defend
the report on our "cut and run" specialist John Murtha:

"But there's a curious thing about what you and your
cohorts have to say Frank. None of you can point to the
Cybercast News Service article on Murtha and find
anything erroneous about it. I mean, the story is
triple-sourced, contains Murtha's side, heck it even asked
Murtha to embellish his story."

I would warn Mr. Thibault (at this point) to be careful about using words like "triple-sourced" when addressing a paper like the NYT's, they don't have time to look up words that may force them to relinquish any journalistic integrity. Finally, Mr. Thibault (after taking one across the bow) fires back with a direct hit:

"What have you got left Frank? Whining, squishing, lazy elitists who wouldn't recognize a good story if it jumped up and bit you all on the backside. But hey, thanks to you, Helen, E. J., Dotty and Jill, our audience is way up."

Time to get the sling shots out and fire a few rounds. As Mr. Drudge would say...........Developing.


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