Tuesday, January 31, 2006


By the tally of 58 to 42, Sam Alito was confirmed for the appointment of Associate Justice to the United States Supreme Court.

Dana over at Common Sense Political Thought pointed out the hypocrisy of the Democrats:

"Our friends on the far left have been disappointed by the results of the filibuster against the confirmation of (I can write it now) Justice Samuel Alito.

You know, if they had stood a chance of actually blocking the confirmation of Justice Alito, it might have made sense. But with a nominee as strong as Mr. Alito, exceptionally qualified both personally and professionally, and the Republicans controlling a substantial majority of seats in the Senate, and the nuclear option lurking in the background, and a strong performance by the nominee in the committee hearings, the Democrats really didn't have a chance."

The whole story is a great read

Ed over at CQ has a great pic of Kerry with the question "Am I done?"

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