Friday, January 13, 2006

Alito Confirmations: Game, Set, ................

With the confirmation hearings winding down and the "dog and pony" show ending, many are glad to see the camera plugs pulled. The party on the left has once again demonstrated the lack of class and respect that they used to possess. And a nation, indeed much of the world saw a shameful display of a portion of our democractic process regulated to demogogry, unsubstantiated
character assassinations to a man who has dedicated most of his life to public service with impeccable credentials. If these are truly the "shining stars" of the democratic party, (Kennedy, Schumer, Biden, et al ), then their display in these hearings is a testament to the level this party has become. Even the once respected Diane Fienstien found herself (for what ever reason) wading into the mud puddle. Are they proud of their actions? Many have said they were playing to their constituents for political gain. But at what cost of the integrity of the process of "advise and consent" have they destroyed? Was the civility of a presidential appointment to the Supreme Court ever relegated to this level of mud-slinging innuendo when the shoe was on the other foot? I don't recall. If these are the "true colors" of the democratic leadership, then by all means, leave the camera plugged in.

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