Thursday, August 18, 2011

President Obama’s Grand Plan, Not So Grand---Blame Game Continues

Calling Obama’s Bluff---(Part Two)

Most likely, under the advice of David Axelrod and David Pflouffe, President Obama has decided to further divide the Congress and make a political argument to try to persuade Americans that the intransigent Republican-controlled House of Representatives is responsible for this nation’s economic woes. With Congress already divided, (except when his Democratically controlled Senate voted unanimously, 97-0, against the President’s budget), Obama, (with the full cooperation of his biased liberal media) believes the public will swallow his ploy to produce “A MAJOR JOBS PLAN” that will be presented shortly after Labor Day. The plot, according to political analysts is to fill his “major jobs plan” with just enough pork, (another stimulus) to get rejected by the Tea Party House Republicans and never reach the Senate for consideration. Hence, the blame for the state of the economy and the lack of jobs will fall directly on those unreasonable Republicans who have been calling for fiscal responsibility since last November when the big spending Democrats were swept out of power.

For the past few weeks President Obama has been staking out the claim that “a certain group of politicians” are “playing politics” to send the President back to Chicago, and not concerned with repairing the nation’s perilous economic situation. As commentator’s have pointed out, he is questioning their patriotism in putting party above country. Obama’s blame game is setting the table for another round of rhetoric-filled promises, and again short on specifics.

But, the President has always been short on specifics. Remember, even the “grand bargain” was never seen by the public. But let’s make an honest attempt to decipher Obama’s latest plan according the Philadelphia Inquirer online:

WASHINGTON - The jobs package that President Obama plans to announce shortly after Labor Day could include tens of billions of dollars to renovate thousands of dilapidated public schools and a tax break to encourage businesses to hire workers, according to people familiar with White House deliberations.

As aides put together the proposal, they are also working out a companion plan to reduce federal budget deficits over the next decade, which Obama would share with the 12-member congressional "super committee" charged with finding long-term fixes for the growing national debt.

The deficit-reduction plan would rely on some of the ideas Obama worked on in private negotiations with House Speaker John A. Boehner (R., Ohio) during the summer, aides said. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a proposal that is still taking shape.

Got that, folks? Three years of skyrocketing unemployment, record deficit spending, higher gas and food prices and an increasing lack of confidence in the One’s policies that have choked off consumer spending...and Obama’s plan is still taking shape. Specifically, (and ironically), it won’t be ready until after Labor Day, a day celebrating millions of hard working Americans who have made this not only the most exceptional nation in history, but the most successful economy in history.

But let’s get back to this “grand plot”. By producing another grand plan that will call for another round of stimulus to “specifically” rebuild schools around the country---all guaranteed to be performed by UNION CONTRACTORS---and a long-term deficit reduction plan that the President will only share with his new “super committee”, the President will have set up the Congress for another outright rejection based solely on more government spending and raising taxes. Specifically, Obama will say, “see, the Republicans don’t want to solve any issues, and it's all their fault for our economic woes. They have offered nothing but NO DEAL."


The House of Representatives PASSED CUT, CAP, AND BALANCE! CCB passed in the House 234-190, (with 19 members not voting), and was overwhelmingly embraced by the general public by a two to one margin. President Obama can ignore this fact. Harry Reid, (who wouldn’t even bring the legislation to the floor for debate), can ignore this fact. The liberal media can also ignore this fact, but every one else out in real America is not ignoring the simple fact that Obama and Harry’s Senate turned down the Republican's plan to put spending caps on a runaway government.

So, Obama will be tying together a deficit spending measure with a jobs measure, (that’s still short on specifics and long on rhetoric), and it will surely be rejected either in the House or the Senate---and he knows it. And for some unknown reason, the White House believes the blame for the rejection will sit squarely on conservative Republicans. Fat chance Mr. President. But go ahead and play these POLITICAL CARDS. Try convincing Americans---starving for work, pleading for leadership, and looking for fiscal responsibility from their government---that this plot is not DEAD ON ARRIVAL AND NOTHING SHORT OF ANOTHER POLITICAL GAME BEING PLAYED BY YOU, PRESIDENT OBAMA. Who's really putting their party above the country's needs?

Guess what Mr. President? Americans are not only calling your bluff, they're not playing this game any more. And you’re sitting at the table……..alone. Why don't you attempt to do something Presidential, (for a change), like firing your political and economic advisors, put aside the blame game of "gotcha politics", and present a policy that is A REAL JOBS PRODUCING BILL. Now that would be a real sign of leadership.

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