Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Most Famous Democrat to Lower Taxes

Today, Barack Obama and most Democrats want to raise your taxes, (cleverly called raising revenues), to reduce the debt. These are the same Democrats who tripled the deficits in three short years spending far more than the government takes in. Most economist say raising taxes will certainly slow the growth of this economy, already mired in a 9%-15% unemployment debacle. Revenues are plummeting because consumers simply have no discretionary money to spend. Add to the fact that the Federal Reserve, (Treasury), is printing money at a pace never recorded in U.S. history---driving the dollar down and weakening the purchasing power of the consumer, and we have a recipe for another and more severe recession.

John F. Kennedy must have had some pretty smart economic advisers during his shortened stay in the White House, but he knew lower taxes meant more money in American’s pockets, checking, and savings accounts, AND the economy grew. Today’s liberal progressive Democrats are not yesterday’s Kennedy Democrats. They want to spend more, tax more, and expand the government. It’s time to send them a message.


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