Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who's The Liar?

Last night, in a burst of frustration, one congressman shouted "you lie" during president Obama's speech to the joint session of congress. The president had just finished admonishing "high ranking political officials" of spreading false information contained in the health care bill. With the assistance of Sarah Palin, death panels took center stage last week. While Palin did not mean that death panels were not written into the bill specifically, the fact remains that there is legislation in the bill that will require (at taxpayers expense), doctors to consult patients with end of life decisions and choices in the event that the patient may seek alternatives to expensive procedures that drive up health care cost.

President Obama's rhetoric rose to a fever pitch while Republicans sat there in silence listening to the president make claims that Bush and the Republican Party had failed to supply efforts to reform the health care system. Does anyone know that the last time Obama called any Republican to the White House for consultation or input was last April? When Obama finally made the claim that no illegal immigrants would be afforded assistance under his bill, Congressman Wilson shouted "liar". The facts are that if no legislation is written into the bill that forbids undocumented "citizens" from receiving federal assistance, illegal aliens WILL receive these benefits. To date, there is nothing in the bill that specifically states what residents of this nation are to receive assistance.

The Republican Party has submitted plenty of amendments and substitutes to the Democrats and Obama's legislation, (which is still only coming out in bits and pieces that requires legal experts to decipher). The House's version of the bill still has a public option written into the bill that is "dead on arrival" in the Senate. National polls do not favor a government run health care system that will threaten a majority of Americans that currently have and are happy with their health care policies. With the current debts and deficits this nation is facing, many are questioning the cost of a program that will run over a trillion dollars and come under the ultimate control of another failed entitlement run by bureaucrats in Washington. We, (American citizens), already see Social Security and Medicare heading into red figures in the near future with no offer of reform from the Democratic Party. President Obama claimed last night that "now is the season for action", and the mainstream media is fawning over his passion and commitment to passing a bill that effects one sixth of our economy. Most of our left wing news media is also calling Mr. Wilson a "heckler" who has brought shame to the institution. But many commenters on the conservative blogs are asking the simple question---why only Joe Wilson?

What President Obama did last night was throw hardballs in challenging Republicans to participate in this nightmare legislation that is fraught with the dreams of controlling a health care industry that no other nation in the world can compare with when it comes to providing quality, quantity, and in a timely manner. In the history of this nation, no government program has EVER provided sufficiently any service that private enterprise could not do better, more efficiently, and competitively. While Obama threw hardballs, only one man stood up to the plate and said no----you liar. While the forum may not have been appropriate, the Republican Party better seize on the public opinion across this nation that are also "stepping up to the plate" and calling Obama's plan what it is----a deceptive plan to make your health care come under direct control of YOUR GOVERNMENT. While the balance of the Republican Party have chosen to remain silent with the rest of the Washington elite in not challenging the presidents rhetorical fabrications, Joe Wilson chose to "take a swing" at this crap. If the GOP chooses to "sit on the bench" silently, they may also find themselves completely out of the game when 2010 comes around with a strong message from their constituents----lead, follow, or get out of the way! At least Joe Wilson stepped up to the plate and called it like he saw it-----a pack of lies.

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