Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Time For Our President To Rise Above This Racial Discourse

The “smoking gun” or the 800 lb. gorilla in the room is that even the president or liberal democrats in every city across the country could not ignore a million plus marching down the streets of D.C. last weekend. Not even the "radical behavior", that the mainstream media selectively sought out can compare with the majority of protesters still frying over this new debt that has more than tripled since the left took control in '06. Hard to believe that it's already been three years since this spending spree began. Couple that with corruption scandals like Acorn pimping another country's children and the sudden interest in the president’s Czars, it's a small wonder the president’s 29 speeches on healthcare are tasting like a watered down cocktail. If the Democrats had any common sense, they would lick there wounds and try to salvage what's left of poor policy decisions that could most likely end the House and Senate control in one full swoop. The Republican Party can thank Ms. Pelosi for setting the table, starting with an omnibus bill fraught with the smell of pork right up to the present legislation where trillions in national debt doesn’t seem to be enough to satisfy these piglets gorging on your tax dollars. While the mainstream media makes a feeble attempt to ignore the wide spread corruption of Acorn, (or as Norah O’Donnell puts it, “entrapment designed to embarrass the president”), the most embarrassing discourse that is coming from the left---and being condoned by a silent President---is the cry that any dissent against the policies enacted is directly related to the color of our President’s skin. The New York Times domestic diva, Maureen Dowd, even suggested that she heard “you lie, boy” when Joe Wilson “broke the decorum” in Obama’s address to Congress. (Note to Ms. Dowd: Joe Wilson’s four sons all joined the military to preserve and protect your right to make these asinine statements without the threat of regression.) Some are suggesting that the President himself is setting back race-relations in this country decades by allowing these ridiculous accusations to be spread by the media and his own subordinates. This tactic was also used effectively during Obama’s campaign run to silence his critics or subvert the vetting process.

How much longer the general voting public will put up with this disgusting charade that “we can’t deal with the president’s agenda because of the color of his skin” is not only wearing thin, the left is basically running out of legitimate arguments to sustain their mission to place this nation in generational debt. The folks in the tea parties did not march on Washington to discuss the skin color of our president, and the president knows this. If he really means to show that his campaign promise of bi-partisan unity is not another slogan void of substance or human dignity, Mr. Obama needs to step up to the plate and put an end to these “calls of racism” to every challenge in his agenda. By his own silence on this issue, he is admitting to the public that they are ignorant and tolerant of this repulsive abomination. This American society, for the most part, has risen above, and looked past the color of a citizen’s skin. It is beneath the office of the President to use this as a tool for any purpose to deny its citizens their constitutional right of redress of grievances. How our President rises above this in the days ahead will shape the character of this office in the 21st century----or, it could set us all back decades. This is not a choice, Mr. President----this is your responsibility to your country and our children that are watching this unfold. Anything less is a complicit admission that you condone these despicable acts.

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