Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fireworks on Morning Joe: Joe Scarborough vs. Chris Matthews on Health Care Bill

Matthews also accuses Mika of getting caught up in this argument and pussyfooting!

This morning on Morning Joe, Chris Matthews, the ever loving liberal, (who never saw a government program he didn't like), takes on Joe and Mika for questioning Obama's health care plan, (as objective journalist should), and instead insist the cost of the program is neither relevant or debatable. Matthews, in his arrogant and narcissistic tone, makes the claim that this trillion dollar program is a moral judgement "that must get done by October", with out even considering the moral and fiscal bankruptcy that will ensue. This six and a half minute video will both make your blood boil and, (at least), thank Scarborough's sanity for looking ahead to the future cost that will devastate all three programs, including the already fiscally unsound social programs, Medicare and Medicaid.

As much as I loath to link this site, you can watch the entire 14:26 interview with Joe, Mika, Chris--"the Obama leg thrill tingler", and others here.

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