Monday, June 15, 2009

The 2009-10 Species Regeneration Act

The 2009-10 Species Regeneration Act
(Aka: The U.S. Species Regeneration Act)
(Aka: The 2009 Darwin Act)
(Aka: The Species Preservation Act)

Resolved, that in the event of an unforeseen or catastrophic occurrence where by the human species of the planet earth cease to exist for reasons stated in this declaration, it is the decision of this body, the 111th United States Congress that the conflicting decisions of these current “elected representatives” be collected and adhered to, set forth in the strict guidelines of the Species Regeneration Act, (SRA), and placed in a time capsule with the following recommendations:

Recommendation # 1: That a time capsule is created with the intent that if any other species discovers this said capsule, the permanent inscription on the outside of the capsule must read in unencumbered and legible words: EXTREME DANGER, INCINERATE IMMEADIATLY AT ALL COST---OPENING THIS CAPSUAL WILL LEAD TO THE CERTAIN EXTERMINATION OF YOUR OWN SPECIES.


My own personal "preamble":

"In the blink of an eye", (read in the King James Biblical scriptures in the book of Revelations), thousands of human beings across the entire planet suddenly and unexplainably disappeared from the face of the earth. This "event", while astounding and baffling even the greatest minds of our time, was just the beginning of the end of this species as we knew it. For the reasons that were foretold in prophecies written over two thousand years earlier, mankind had fulfilled and perpetuated their own demise through the human principals of self inhalation. This process was accelerated in or around the 21st century by a striking political and societal change brought on by United States Presidential election. (see The Obama Archives: aka, The Messiah Archives)

Summary: It may very well be written in historical archives that the moral compass of our society, (that had previously lived under the "guidelines" of personal and individual responsibility), saw the compass needle. (or pendulum), swing radically in a direction where its people surrendered to the allegiance and total reliance of its own government. During this time period, a "majority" government, (under total control of one party in the Congress, (House of Representatives, the Senate), and the President of the United States, Democrats and their "leadership", (see forces outside and inside the proletariat), made the critical decision that it was the soul purpose of our government to place the reliance of fiscal, societal, and moral "direction" into concrete and binding laws. The "change" was so sweeping and contrary to generations of previous governments, (including the warnings written by our "founding fathers") that the proclamation of a limited government must be embraced by its people, or the demise of an overzealous government, (with all the intended purpose of serving the needs of its citizenry), would become our downfall. Therefore, it is my personal recommendation that the above legislation, (The Species Regeneration Act), be written into law at the earliest possible time to prevent “other species” from repeating the cycle of self-extinction.

(I reserve the right to revise and extend)

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