Saturday, October 25, 2008

(By Rovin)

Who would have thought after two years of a presidential campaign, it would take the efforts of "two Joes" to do the job the mainstream media has deliberately refused to do?

With just ten days before the election, there are still so many questions that remain unanswered about who we should choose to lead this nation for the next four years. Pollsters are all over the place with Barack Obama leading anywhere from one point all the way to twelve in the over-all national counts. Obama also leads in some key battleground states the McCain must hold to be victorious. Meanwhile, our esteemed Obama cheerleaders, the mainstream media, have done their "journalistic" best to put their chosen one in the White House. Never, in the history of U.S. Presidential elections has there been this level of outright bias shown by the media towards one candidate over the other. One of the biggest "cheerleaders" this year, (no surprise), is the New York Times, who is reporting a 50% drop in advertising sales, and a business rating company has put the Times in a the heralded category of junk. As of last week, the Times Ombudsman, (the in-house critic of their own paper), has declared the Times a fair and balanced paper when it comes to reporting on the election process. On the level of credibility, this is akin to assigning a fox to watch over the sheep-----some one's going to get eaten, and in this case it's the general public that still thinks this paper has the pulse of the nation.

If Acorn, (the community based "advocacy" for the disadvantaged, that has just announced that they may have up to 400,000 bogus registrations that were turned into state election boards), was in any way connected to the McCain campaign, does anyone think this story would not be on the front pages of every major paper across this nation? Quick scans of this morning’s print media suggest this is not the case.

If an unrepentant admitted "former" domestic terrorist, (now a college professor at a respected institution), had close personal ties with John McCain, would this simple fact be missing in the daily print or TV media in the last days of an election?

The fact is who ever wins this critical contest; the national media's reputation for journalistic integrity has been forever stained. "Credibility", thy name is not worthy of the word to be used when describing today's mainstream media. They decided a long time ago that they would be advocating for anyone other than another Republican in the White House.

Enter Barack Hussein Obama; a south-side community organizer turned state senator, 126 legislative days of experience in the U.S. Senate, and now a potential President of the most powerful nation in the free world. It would be unfair at this point not to mention that the mainstream media is still spending more ink and air time vetting the vice presidential Republican candidate, (Sarah Palin)-----that entered this race on August 29th of this year-----than Barack Obama has received since he entered the race on January 17, 2007, (over twenty months). The media's obsession with Sarah Palin's short history as a hockey-mom turned small town mayor, and now governor of Alaska, has been unrelenting, and at times "journalistically" embarrassing. The fact that this woman has more executive experience in her short political career than Obama's lifetime achievements speaks volumes to a media that refuses to even acknowledge that Joe the Plumber may actually have more experience than Barack Obama.

With national and global economic conditions on the minds of the electorate, an Ohio (unlicensed) plumber named Joe managed to get more information on the agenda and political philosophy of Barack Obama than the mainstream media has in two years. Obama's "spread the wealth" statement was already understood by the media. But the media did not care to share this little fact with the public because these socialistic ideas are not necessarily accepted by mainstream Americans. The reason the media did not ask Joe's question is because they also believe in Obama's radical government controlled redistribution of wealth policies.

With Obama's economic agenda now exposed, we will turn our attention to the "other Joe" that managed to do the media's job. Obama's vice presidential candidate Joe Biden said the other day that Obama will be tested by some outside threat to this nation within the first six months of his tenure. Senator Biden says that under these conditions we, (the electorate), must stand behind Obama's decisions whether they are perceived as right or wrong. Would you stand behind your dog if he were pissing on your mother-in-law's leg? O.K., wrong analogy, but you get my point. Biden has managed to formulate the question that the media has refused to ask----is Barack Obama qualified to lead this nation in a time of crisis? Or, who is the best person qualified to step up in a national crisis that will protect this nation from physical harm?

Thanks to "two Joes", (and no thanks to the Obama Press Corps); the electorate finally has some serious questions that have been asked of who will lead this nation and in what direction it will follow. I will stop here with one of Sarah Palin's favorite----"Only John McCain has actually fought to preserve the liberties and freedoms this nation has enjoyed". And this includes the right to privately vote for the candidate of your choice. When you walk behind those curtains, please remember that your liberal media did not do their job to fairly present these two candidates. They have led many of you like sheep to the wolves with their agenda of socialism driven on pure bias that has no disguise, no shame, and no interest in what is the best choice to lead this nation. A vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin will send a notice to the media that you were not deceived.


What's with Bill Ayers red star on his tea shirt? And how has the Obama campaign convinced two icons in Ayers and Wright to maintain complete and utter silence?

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