Monday, October 16, 2006

Democratic Party Attacking Free Enterprise in America

Wal-Mart 'Has Declared War' on Dems, Union Foe Charges
By Randy Hall Staff Writer/Editor
October 16, 2006

( - Wal-Mart "has officially declared war on the Democratic Party" just three weeks before the Nov. 7 midterm elections, according to a group that wants to "change" the nation's biggest retail chain by unionizing its 1.3 million employees.

"Rather than embrace our positive vision for a better America, Wal-Mart has officially declared war on the Democratic Party, elected leaders and every American who believes we should pay workers a living wage, provide affordable health care to all, protect American jobs and keep America safe," Paul Blank, campaign director for, said in a statement Friday.

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The very concept of free enterprise and a free market are being attacked by these unions and by association the democratic party. Paul Blank and his minions at WakeUpWalMart have no clue how a free market works in a free society. The very concept that Wal Mart created by purchasing goods in volume, and providing entry-level wages to it's workers allows consumers to purchase these goods at affordable prices.

For any institution (government, unions, or a democratic party) to force (mandate) wage scales and benefit packages upon any free market business is an assault on the free market enterprises that we have enjoyed for over two hundred years. This assault borders on socialist/communist ideals that threatens our very core values of a free market.

And don't be fooled by their intentions. The ONLY remedy for these forced polices is to stick it to you, the consumer, by paying more and getting less. The results are simple. Fewer stores, far less employment, lower tax revenues for the local community's, and yes, we will all pay more for those lost revenues.

Sure sounds UN-DEMOCRATIC to me.

Mr. Blank and his co-horts would like you to believe that these mandated wage and benefit increases are for the good of all Walmart employees. What they won't tell you is YOU (the consumer) will foot the bill. The headline suggest that Wal Mart has declared war on the unions and the democratic party. I submit to you that it has been the the other way around. The democratic party and their always faithful unions have declared war on Wal Mart, and Wal Mart (and you, the consumer) are fighting back.

Let the free market remain free. Or we all lose.

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