Wednesday, May 17, 2006

10-1 ~ 14-3 ~ 10-1

These are the scores of the three game series against Houston. Three games, thirty plus runs are impressive numbers in any league, but the Giants have found something fun to do again, and that's win baseball games.........

Right-hander Matt Morris, who had two hits himself, threw eight innings to improve to 3-4. He retired 14 in a row beginning with one out in the third before Adam Everett reached on an error to start the eighth. Morris allowed only three hits, none after the third inning.

Even with Bonds sittin this one out, the Gaints have seemed to find a groove. The runs just kept coming and often.

Maybe that comeback against the Dodgers last week had a delayed reaction. San Diego had a similar ninth inning comeback against the Dodgers a few weeks ago and went on a 12 game winning streak.

The Giants are now 7-3 in the last ten and, (as they say) "a good offense can make mediocre pitching look good". The series starts with the A's across the bay for three and then St. Louis comes into town for three more, then the Rockies for three the following weekend. If the Giants stay at or above .500 against these teams things may get much brighter this season.

Pedro Feliz has had a little more than production against Houston this season hitting a home run each of the past three nites.

That Barry's been silent and still stuck on 713 seems not so relevant for real Giants fans.

Winning games does.

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