Thursday, February 09, 2006


The State of the Democratic Party:

Can some one tell me where there is a Democrat in the Congress or the Senate that is calling for the renewal of the Patriot Act?

Can some one show me one memo, letter, or email sent by a Democrat to the President of the United States thanking him for the painstaking daily work he does protecting this country from another terrorist attack?

Can any one show me where there is one Democrat who is in support of Americans keeping more of what they earn by making the tax-cut permanent?

Can some one show me where there is one plan from a Democrat for Social Security reform, knowing full well that (as the plan stands now), there will be no money left for our children when they retire?

Can some one show me where there is one Democrat who has a plan or is proposing legislation to get Americans off the dependency of foreign oil?

Can some one show me a Democrat organization that fully supports our armed forces who have sacrificed so much to liberate two nations from tyranny and marginalize a terrorist organization (Al-Qaeda) that still wants to destroy our way of life?

Can some one show me where one Democrat has made a statement that the control for power in this government is not as important as the safety, security, and prosperity of this great nation?

Now I know that there are many in the Democratic Party who can tell me how to tear down, rip apart, and marginalize every "show me" I have stated here. The Democratic Party has perfected the art of finding a way to desecrate the direction this country is heading. A Conservative Christian is the scum of the earth in their eyes. The Bush-Bashers on the extreme left are so consumed with their hatred for the Conservative Republican Party, they refuse to see anything positive or remotely have an idea how to solve what they hate so much. Does this nation, (indeed the world) have serious problems to solve? You bet! Will the Democratic party sit down in a bi-partisan way with Republicans and work together to try to solve these problems? Don't count your taxes on it! Is their quest to regain power more important than the prosperity of this nation? If yes is the answer, I have just one more question.

Where's your plan?

Show Me!


note: If any one plans on commenting on this post, I will most likely delete all post that does not (at least) start with some form of a solution. I'm sick and tired of the "Blame Bush for all our woes" society. It's a pathetic excuse for not having solutions and ideas our forfathers posessed.

Update: Wow! now that's results. Seems the very afternoon following this post the U.S. Senate has come to an agreement to get the Patriot Act re-authorized. Pure co-incidence. Story linked here

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