Saturday, February 11, 2006

Does the New York Times believe Terrorist have Rights?

Republican Speaks Up, Leading Others to Challenge Wiretaps

A growing number of Congressional Republicans are expressing doubts about the N.S.A.'s domestic spying program.

The NYTs would have you believe that the whole Republican party is in an uproar over this with their headline, when there is actually only six who have stated they would like more information.

The gray-stained lady also (still) continues to call the program "domestic spying" which is total BS. The President and the Attorney General have both explained that the program is limited to calls coming from outside the U.S. (from known terrorist cells) into the U.S. That hardly sounds "domestic" to me, but the NYTs and it's left wing agenda, ( and its treasonous releasing of classified material) are spinning this with no regard for the safety of this nation.

Is the NYTs receiving phone calls from terrorist cells overseas and rejecting the notion that these calls may be tapped?

If ANYONE in this country is having a conversation with a known terrorist (who is hell bent on destroying this country), I want my President and the military to know about it. Period.

Giving extended oversight to any of these "concerned" politicians that may have another agenda other that the safety of this nation concerns me. The NSA program has already been severely damaged by the exposure, (thanks in most part by the NYTs) and the "publics right to know" has now been extended to the very terrorist we are fighting to prevent another attack on this country.

Imagine, if after another terrorist attack, a terrorist cell leader is captured and (without any form of torture) he brags that this could not have happened without the assistance of the NYT?

Would any of these concerned politicians haul the NYT into court and try them for treason? Or should we all just forgive them because they were more concerned for our civil liberties than the lives of thousands, (or even millions)? Does anyone think the New York Times has even considered this scenario, or if they even care?

If the New York Times is really concerned for the balance of power between the three branches of our government, they must now consider a "fourth" branch.........the terrorist.

Step #1 (personnel note to SHERYL GAY STOLBERG and the NYTs..........STFU!)

Step #2 (to concerned democrat and republican leaders; Get fully informed of the NSA program and then follow Step #1)

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