Friday, June 03, 2016

Giants----It's an Even Year

SI has the Giants at #8 as of Monday, May 23rd………while ESPN has them in 3rd place behind the Cubs and the Red Sox…… has the Giants in the #2 spot ahead of the Sox, and the Bleacher Report also has the G-Men at #2.
Since the beginning of their 8-game winning streak starting on May 11th, the Giants have gone 17-4, (even counting Casilla’s blown save on Wednesday), and are 12 games over .500.

The Giants have been winning on the strength of their pitching and defense with relatively “quiet bats”. Of course, when you’ve got a PITCHER that can hit HOME RUNS, like MadBum did yesterday, and Brandon Belt, (.306), Hunter Pence, (.298), and other bats starting to come alive, the Giants “could” be heading to the top of the Rankings soon. Hope I haven’t jinxed them.

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