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How The Liberal Media Got it Wrong While Attacking Ben Carson

As soon as Dr. Ben Carson reached the top of the national polls, (overtaking Donald Trump), the Main Stream Media, aka the Liberal Media, aka the Drive-by Media, aka the Democrat's private soundboard, began their all-out assault on the Republican Front-Runner.

CNN thought they were gaining some traction, but John Nolte at Breitbart caught up with their motivations, and it wasn't pretty:


"Just a little more than 24 hours ago I published this piece warning that with his ascendency in the polls, primarily when stacked against Democrat Hillary Clinton, the DC Media was about to do everything in its power to destroy Republican presidential frontrunner Ben Carson:

Let me be very, very clear about one thing: The DC Media cannot allow Dr. Ben Carson to become President of the United States. And if the DC Media has to put on white robes, burn crosses, grab firehoses, and sic German Shepherds on Carson, they will. In fact, they already have. Not literally, but the tactics and the goals are exactly the same: By any means necessary, destroy the free-thinking black man who threatens our power.

The piece also pointed out the overt racism Carson has already faced from NBC News and Brian Beutler of the New Republic; along with examples of the media’s ongoing “othering” campaign against Carson. Over policy positions that are nothing close to controversial, the DC Media is relentlessly “othering” Carson as “dangerous” and “crazy.” And like no other, including MSNBC, CNN has led this cable news charge.

Although I wasn’t expecting it to happen the very next day, the left-wing cable news network CNN has already slammed its Kill Ben Carson Machine into fifth gear."  (read the entire post here at the link)

Now batting---Politico

Soon after CNN began its all out assault on Carson, Politico jumped into the fray, backed up by---you guessed it---NBC.  Both of these mediums couldn't get their stories/fabrications out fast enough without tripping over themselves:

NBC Boosts Politico's Retracted 'Fabrication' Headline on Carson's West Point Claim
"On Friday's NBC Nightly News, Chris Jansing touted Politico's scoop about Dr. Ben Carson's "scholarship" claim about West Point, underlining how the liberal outlet "call[ed] Carson's story a 'fabrication.'" However, Jansing's report aired more than two hours after Politico removed the "fabrication" term" from their headline." The journalist later hyped that it's "hard to overstate how much Carson uses his personal story to connect with voters — so this heightened scrutiny...may be a very big threat to his campaign."  (more at the link

The whole GOTCHA episode is about an appointment to West Point, that was "offered" to Ben Carson, not accepted.  Taking the excerpts out of Carson's latest book, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, the dumbshits at Politico began their "Carson Fabricated West Point Appointment" story.  The only problem, they, [Politico], inferred when they should have understood the context of Carson's statements in his book.  Politico, discovering their error, immediately restructured their story and removed the term "fabrication".

But Chris Jansing and NBC just couldn't let it go---so they stepped right into the pile of dogshit, stink and all.  Playing a clip from Charlie Rose on PBS, Jansing "let her rip", issuing her source as Politico:

"DR. BEN CARSON, (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE (from PBS's Charlie Rose): I was offered a full scholarship to West Point; got to meet General Westmoreland; go to Congressional Medal of Honor dinners.

JANSING: Politico reported today that West Point has no records of Carson applying or being offered admission — calling Carson's story a 'fabrication.'"

The ONLY PROBLEM, Carson never said he applied for the appointment OR that "the offer" came directly from West Point.  Carson was told that because of his excellent performance at his ROTC, he "could" apply for an appointment at West Point---a huge difference between Politico's allegation that Carson both applied and the offer came from West Point---both flat out lies!

Now, both Politico and NBC are running for cover in their latest attempt to smear Dr. Carson's literary reputation and his integrity, with the exploits of CNN not far behind.  Shame on all of them for their gutter-laced yellow journalism. If these idiots had pulled this crap on Donald Trump, there'd be lawsuits filed against all of these pathetic and desperate lemmings in the Mainstream Media.

Now all we need is the New York Times to produce a Carson-love-child and this fabrication fiasco will be complete. 

(photo credit-REUTERS/Chris Keane) 

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