Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Liberal Progressive Democrats: "Progressively" Becoming The Party of “Hate and Racism”

I’ve had it!  Enough is enough.  And I’m calling on President Obama* and his Democratic Leaders, (and the liberal media and their pundits), TO STOP USING HATE AND RACE as the pathetic excuse for when Liberal Progressive Democrats can’t win a political or ideological argument.  Stand on your convictions.  Use facts and your intelligence to state your case or make a reasonable argument.  But, from this day forward, if, in the course of an argument or a debate, you inject/imply that my opinion/argument is based on RACIAL OVERTONES OR HATE, the conversation is over, done.  I will no longer engage in any form of debate if you cowards use these accusations as a tool to advance your argument.

1) RACE!  The color of a human’s skin/epidermis IS NOT RELEVANT.  I simply do not care what color your skin is.  I do not care what your ethnic background is during the course of an argument or a debate.  We are all God’s children and GOD IS COLOR-BLIND and so am I.

2) HATE!  To all political affiliations and especially The Liberal Democratic Party:  Just because I disagree with your political philosophy or ideology it does not mean that I HATE YOU.  STOP USING THIS PATHETIC EXCUSE.  Let me repeat this---I DO NOT PERSONALLY HATE ANYONE.  My teachings and upbringing (and my Christian values), does not allow for personal hate.  Hate for our fellow man/woman only breeds sin and eventually the total destruction of moral values.  I may hate your ideology.  I may hate your actions, or your words, but I do not hate you personally.  Again, we are all God’s children, and they do not hate their fellow human beings.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: If you intend to engage me in a conversation or debate about anything, BE FORWARNED, if you accuse me of personal hating or any form of racial bigotry, the conversation IS OVER.  I will no longer tolerate or engage in this pathetic and cowardly form of “debate” being used predominately by the Liberal Democrats or any political affiliation for that matter.  If you’re a Republican, Conservative, Libertarian, Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Moderate, or whatever, if you inject/accuse anyone of HATE OR RACISM into the conversation, IT IS YOU that has resorted to the lowest form of human dignity.  IT IS YOU who have taken this cowardly and despicable path.  GROW UP!  AND STOP THE HATE!

*  President Barack Obama,

Dear Mr. President,

I am calling on you Mr. President to STOP THE HATE.  By your silence on this issue, you sir are condoning this despicable practice of injecting hate and racism during American political and ideological debate.  By your silence, many of those in your party, (and by extension, your media**) are purposely employing this cowardly form/tool to prevent/discourage this nation’s right to speak freely, without reservation or fear of being accused of racial bigotry or hate.  By your silence, you, yourself, are complicit in these inexcusable forms of conversation.  By your silence, you sir are allowing the dignity and honorable American right of free speech to be denigrated by these shallow and despicable acts predominately brought about/used by your Party.  Please, I beg you to end your silence on this issue---make a statement, be an American President to ALL AMERICANS, and use your leadership to prove to all Americans that employing HATE AND RACAIL PREDJUDICE/BIGOTRY in the course of a debate is not only discouraged, but condemned by your administration.  Only by your silence on this issue, do you continue to divide a nation that is desperately in need of unity, that demands the practice of respectful debate carried out by our citizenry.  YOU, Mr. President can begin to STOP THE HATE. 

**  Examples of the Media’s employment of racial and hateful overtones:

See Newsbusters
MSNBC Continues Smear of 'Racist' NRA; Alex Wagner Hits Wayne LaPierre as Afraid of 'Dark People'

Update:  It appears Bill Cosby has gone off the deep end and joined in the "Republicans Hate Blacks" narrative:

Bill Cosby Rants Against Republicans, Compares Them to Segregationists for Not Applauding Obama

Commenter UnwantedFoe sums up what most would say about Cosby's over-the-top accusations:

UnwantedFoe  5 hours ago
"And in public schools, we need to get the education of the correct history that happened"
Oh dear Lord does Cosby need to learn the "correct" history of what happened with slavery... Does he not realize it was the republican party fighting to abolish slavery and the democrats wanting to keep their slaves? Then to suggest the republican party is unhappy blacks aren't slaves anymore? His ignorance is highly insulting.

I suppose Mr. Cosby would like to re-write the history of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill, (originally proposed by John F, Kennedy and signed into law by Lyndon Johnson), where one "southern" Republican, and eighteen southern Democrats launched a filibuster against the passage of the bill.    

The bill came before the full Senate for debate on March 30, 1964 and the "Southern Bloc" of 18 southern Democratic Senators and one Republican Senator led by Richard Russell (D-GA) launched a filibuster to prevent its passage.[10] Said Russell: "We will resist to the bitter end any measure or any movement which would have a tendency to bring about social equality and intermingling and amalgamation of the races in our (Southern) states."[11]  (link*)
(* for the purpose of this post, I've used the sometimes un-reliable Wikipedia as a reference with the above quoted paragraph.  If there are any discrepancies or any part of the paragraph that is not factual, I will re-visit this post and amend it, if necessary)

How pitiful was it that as late as 1964, our "civilized" society, (led by a strong majority of DEMOCRATS) could endorse the comments of Senator Richard Russell (D-GA).  I would like to ask Mr. Cosby if he knew who was standing and applauding at this period in our history?  And how sad is it that a once respected and honorable American such as Bill Cosby has sunk to this level of (insert proper phrase), by creating his own self-bigotry to advance a conversation.  Shame on you Bill.   

The pathetic use of “hate” and racial accusations being used by liberal democrats is the automatic signal that they have run out of any intelligent basis for debate.  When you see these key words in a posted sentence, be aware that the poster has lost the argument, and no other response is necessary.  If you engage any further in the conversation after the poster has used hate or race, you will only sink to their cowardly and despicable level. 

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