Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Breaking News: Big Bird is voting for Mitt Romney---Obama Team, Liberals Cry Fowl

Rumors are circulating the internet today that Big Bird has decided that employment in the private sector might be a strong advantage to working for the current government. Sources tell me that the bi-winged feathered character saw President Obama lay an egg in the national debate last week, and prefers Romney’s plan to move the country in a different direction. Big Bird was overheard on an open mic saying his healthcare choices had diminished and the outlook of long-term employment looked beak. “I feel like the canary in the coal mine, just like Obama’s policies, sooner or later they omit a foul odor ” said the Sesame Street legend. It’s also rumored that Bert and Ernie will follow suit, voting for the Republican ticket of Romney/Ryan. The two puppets felt having a hand up their backs, (and enduring some one else speaking for them), reminded them too much of Mr. Obama. Elmo could not be reached for a comment, but his publicist said the furry red monster was overheard talking to himself in the first person.

(satire by Rovin)

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