Friday, November 05, 2010


The LEFT WING MEDIA has started in on the Republicans just two days after the biggest landslide in a generation. This media wants---demands specifics.

They spent an entire year and NEVER asked the Democrats about any specifics of a multi-trillion dollar health insurance debacle now destined for the scrape pile or major revamping. They hardly wrote a word about the backroom deals and payoffs to purchase votes while shoving this new entitlement down the throats of the general public. Even when the former Speaker of the House said, “we need to pass this thing so we will know what’s in it”, there was no outrage from the mainstream media. 2,600 pages of unread legislation, and not one request for specifics.

With nearly 60% of American citizens against this legislation, President Obama and the Democrats went full steam ahead while the left wing media cheered them on.

If the liberal media cared to listen to just about every Republican that ran for office this past year, they would know that the first order of business will be passing legislation that DOES NOT RAISE TAXES ON ANYONE. Second, or third is repealing this health insurance legislation that was basically a government take-over of the industry under the guise of “reform”. And it had little to do with health care. Obama and the Democrats insisted this “reform” would reduce the cost of health care while producing accounting gimmicks to the CBO that even the Lamestream media could understand as voodoo specifics.

The left wing media never asked for specifics as Obama and the liberal progressive Democrats passed billions in spending bills or any part of their radical agenda to nationalize private businesses. The President on Wednesday, (in one of his rare news conferences), made the lame excuse that his agenda was misunderstood because everything was an “emergency”. The left wing media accepted this as gospel from their Messiah, and therefore required no more specifics. Of course, the media is supposed to be the watchdogs of our government. Instead, the liberal media has “specifically” become the lapdogs of progressive liberalism with little or no objectivism. In fact, during election night the liberal media became nothing but a boat-load of hate-filled crybabies as they saw their Utopian dreams of liberalism fade into the night. Case in point is this paragraph below:

Guest on Fox and Friends Wednesday morning: “By the way, that was hypnotic, the coverage of election night by MSNBC“ referring to Chris Matthews‘ disrespectful treatment of Michelle Bachman. Matthews sat there with his panel of leftwing monkeys and continued to ask Bachman if she was hypnotized over and over again, apparently because he didn’t like Bachman’s “thrilling answers”. As the country was painted in a sea of red as a repudiation of President Obama’s agenda, this panel of “journalist”, (which Bernie Goldberg described as “the View without Elizabeth Hasselbeck”), became more indignant, (add some more verbs),. The diatribes from the left-ward media was almost as entertaining as the tidal wave of conservatism that swept across the nation.

But, let’s digress. I’m a simple writer with no professional training. Rarely will you see words like transcendentalism, cosmological, phenomena, or manifestation. I like simplicity and I’ll leave the big words for the professionals who like to impress the intellectuals. I think there’s a place for writers who keep things simple. The simple fact is that the sooner the mainstream media has their demands met that specifics be supplied to them by the incoming conservatives, the sooner they can begin their attacks. While they watch their lust and adoration for big government getting torn down piece by piece, the frustration of the media will fester, (becoming increasingly intense), like an un-treated ulcer. Matthews will start buying bibs by the case as he spits out his viral distaste for a more conservative government. The liberal media will do everything in their power to search out and divide this current crop of cohesive conservatives who are on a Tea Party mission to reduce the size and scope of an intrusive government and their spending madness. The liberal media is deaf to conservative campaign promises, and they are blind to the will of the people who just spanked their behinds for being complicit with Obama and the liberal progressives, and this experiment with socialism. This just leave’s dumb.

So, let’s be SPECIFIC. If the liberal media chooses to play dumb to the will of the people, they will become more and more obtuse, irrelevant, and inapplicable to the national conversation. For the next two years the liberal media will do everything in their power to tear down every specific directive produced by Republicans in the House. They will ratchet up the rhetoric and try to define the national debate. But they don’t have the microphone anymore. The podium is full.

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