Thursday, October 07, 2010

Desperado Democrats

Democrats are getting desperate. Desperation breeds confusion, followed by distortion, deception, and, (in some cases), outright fabrication. A case in point is the article in the yesterday’s New York Times where the desperate Democrats are making the claim that if Republican’s win this November, women will lose their abortion rights. Even Mike Barnicle* is calling this “strategy” ineffective when people are worried about losing their homes, tax increases, and a flailing economy. Barnicle also makes the argument that Obama and the Democrats have wasted their energy, (and a whole year), on a flawed health care reform program, while doing little to promote the creation of jobs.

While Republicans are squarely focused on jobs and the economy---primarily putting this country back to work---the President and Democrats continue to attack businesses that support the Tea Party principals and the free enterprise system. House Representative Lynn Jenkins, (Kansas), illustrates in the Washington Times just how Democrats feel about American businesses using an industry in her own district:

“One such company is Koch Industries, based in Wichita, Kan. Koch Industries employees 2,400 Kansans and 50,000 persons nationwide. It is a diversified, privately held company that manufactures and monitors pipelines, makes building products and fertilizer and is an industry leader in energy production. It also manufactures many consumer products, including Lycra spandex and Brawny paper towels.

Koch management is dedicated to keeping the company growing. It reinvests 90 percent of profits back into the businesses, allowing Koch to expand product lines and hire more employees. That is good for consumers and for workers. However, as Chicago-style politics creep into the national landscape, the company has come under fire because its owners support free-market principles inconsistent with the current Democratic leadership.

In August, Mr. Obama personally called out a grass-roots political group with which he disagreed philosophically. David Koch, one of the majority owners of Koch Industries, supports that particular group. What sin does the president believe this group committed? It supports smaller government and the free-enterprise system - ideals I (and most Americans) strongly support.” link

Jenkins continues her article exposing how the White House and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman “pile on” with their attack on Koch Industries using the union-backed meme of “outsourcing”:

"Never one to pass on a lead-in from the White House, Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, piled on. He accused Koch Industries of wanting to send American jobs overseas when he told Bloomberg Television, "They actually got an award for outsourcing to China." Only one small problem: The company he cites had no connection to Koch at that time.

But the most egregious example of these Chicago-style tactics occurred on Aug. 27, when, according to news reports, Austan Goolsbee, an Obama administration economist, discussed the company's tax status and falsely claimed that Koch has not paid federal corporate income taxes."

Please take a moment to read Lynn Jenkins complete article here.

While the polls show this November’s elections as a referendum on Obama’s economic policies, (or lack of any), it’s transparently clear Americans are focused on their job security and the enormous debt Democrats have piled onto the shoulders of the working taxpayer. Neither the fear mongering of the Republican’s social agenda nor the blatant attack on American businesses will get them re-elected as local representatives we will send to Washington next year. Obama’s philosophy that it’s the governments responsibility to create jobs is clearly not working. The Democrats have gambled (with your money) that Obama’s direction was the only way. They are wrong. Desperately Wrong.

(* = this was a paraphrased statement overhead on this morning’s Morning Joe)

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