Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Beginning of the End

This morning, I’ve listened to the liberal media attempting to explain how and why the Democrat Party is in disarray, and heading for the path of defeat in November. The riff between the President’s press secretary and the Speaker of the House, (Nancy Pelosi), may have very well been by design in an attempt to rally their base. But, even as the liberal media scratches their collective talking heads trying to understand why they have been so wrong, the excuses are falling on deaf ears along with a mounting anger from the people who swallowed these failed policies with the understanding of hope and change. To this end, I say BOO HOO.

Boo hoo! House Democrats not feeling the love from the White House---even when they’ve been the one’s who have “made the tough votes” to advance Obama’s agenda---even against the will and public opinion of their constituents.

Boo hoo! All these Democrats (that walked and voted lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama’s life-long dream to decimate the private healthcare system in favor of a government run system that will neither reduce health care cost nor provide the quality of care promised), are now feeling the brunt of their decisions that completely ignored the needs of the working taxpayer while expanding the scope and power of the federal government. And let us never forget the words of Speaker Pelosi, "We need to pass the health care bill to find out what’s in it..."

Boo hoo! The liberal left of the Democrat Party who bought into this entitlement expansion mentality costing the country billions in unfunded liabilities. By pouring billions more in real debt into public sector jobs, (see Porkulus), and pandering to their own special interest, (SEIU, labor unions, etc.), the Democrats thought they had secured their campaign funds and loyalty of their voters to keep them in power.

Boo hoo! Instead of realizing that the rise of the working class being over-burdened with higher taxes, government regulation, the loss of individual liberties, and staggering unemployment, (see grassroots Tea Party), the Democrats in the House and the Senate have instead embraced the demagoguery of such groups as the NAACP who are claiming falsely that we are all racist bigots for fighting back against failed national policies that are putting this nation in financial peril, and generational debt.

Boo hoo! Ever since the Democrats have been in power, (2007-present), their legislation has done nothing to enhance small business or the private sector companies that has always been the engine that drives a healthy economy. Instead, they have embraced these big government policies with the designation of re-distributing wealth (under the guise of extracting money from the big bad corporations and profiteers). Their results have been stifling to the growth of both large corporations and the small companies who have refused to expand their investments in human capital because of the uncertainty of big government policies that plan to tax them to death.

Boo hoo! The Democrat Party has allowed this President to create more commissions and Czars than any other administration to disguise and transfer the constitutional responsibilities of the House and Senate. Instead, they have embraced this new power structure as a future scapegoat for their own lack of skills to govern as representatives of their districts.

Boo hoo! Lastly, the Democrats have relied on the liberal media to also walk lock-step with every disastrous decision of this administration as if it was ordained by God. Instead of listening to their constituents at the town hall meetings, the Democrats have fallen into the trap of believing the liberal media’s endorsements of Barack Obama’s new world order. Not daring to label Obama’s policies as socialist or Marxist, the media has provided the necessary cover of a cloak and dagger government designed to further empower this body at the complete expense of the middle-class taxpayer. Once again, the egos of the Democrat power structure has fallen to the fodder of their own self importance over the daily needs of the people they were elected to represent.

This November the Democrats will see the full weight of the people who have rejected their big government philosophy and the spending madness in Washington that has continued to create the largest burden of personal debt in U.S. history. The cost for their arrogance should be swift and the message “perfectly clear”----YOU HAVE REFUSED TO LISTEN, THEREFOR YOU WILL NO LONGER REPRESENT ME.


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