Friday, February 05, 2010

Is Social Security In Trouble?

It seems the day has come a little earier than we thought. Our government has played with the account for years now, and the piper's callin' in the note('s).

Social Security tipping over into the red (by Ed Morrissey)

"Last month, we noted that Social Security had delivered its worst performance in decades. Now, Allen Sloan warns investors at Yahoo Finance that the entire program has gone into the red — and will stay there. Get ready, Sloan says, for the mother of all bailouts".....:
Now let's all stand and cheer for obstructing the first President since Social Security's inception to attempt to put the the program on a survival course. And they're calling Republicans "the party of no" when they were told "this problem is not going away"...... George W. Bush.

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