Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Presidents Promise of Change Comes to Light

When President Obama promised a change in how government will work if he was elected, few understood how far the "change" would go. Most who supported him thought this to mean that his "transparency" would bring a new trust to a Congress that rated all time lows in national public polls. Our government in Washington would be run differently from the "failed" years in the past. What Obama didn't understand is that the powerbrokers and the already established party of the center-left Democrats, (already two years in control, and further expanded by the 2008 elections), had a more sinister agenda. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid had waited patiently for a Democrat President to rubber stamp their own agenda that has included a calculated assault on capitalism, the life-blood of a free democracy. They have used this "perfect storm" of an economic crisis to advance every program and entitlement that free market forces had kept in check. The levels of deficit spending from the previous administration was already getting out of control, and yet in the first month of Obama's tenure this government has more than tripled the debt in new spending that is supposed to be stimulating our economy while preserving the job market. So far, nothing has worked to return confidence in the markets or convince consumers to spend their guarded paychecks. But, what people don't understand is the Democratic Party is perfectly fine with this in their plan to destroy capitalism and replace it with a socialist model similar to Western European governments.

Unemployment rose as high as 6.3% after 9/11 and gradually worked down to as low as 4.4% in October of 2006. The Democrats swept into power that fall and now we are at 7.5%, (10% in California), and rising. Meanwhile, this mantra of unfunded bailouts (in the trillions) in an attempt to prop up failed housing, banks, and "other financial institutions", has done little to stop the bleeding while piling up generational debt.

While the Nation rejoiced in this new incoming government, the sleeping giant of a housing market ponzi scheme (created and supported for more than twenty years) raised its ugly head. While there are many who argue that this "social experiment" gone awry was the result of little over-sight or regulation, I would submit it was just the opposite. Our government not only encouraged the practice of unqualified home ownership, they supplied the vehicle for lenders to dump their volatile paper into the government created Fannie Mae and Freddi Mac institutions all bundled in the false title of "securities".

So, how does our new government react to a financial crisis that impacts world economies? Spend, spend, and spend.

Not only has Barack Obama and the Democrat Party spent trillions in new programs and entitlements (with no plan to repay this debt), they also plan in this years agenda to turn our health care system over to this same "responsible" government that is breaking this nation. And the more folks begin to understand a system of government controlled medical/health care that will dictate the choices of procedure, the level of professional care, and, for starters deny doctors a license who refuse to preform abortions, they will (hopefully) begin to realize that this will be another unfunded massive program that will pale the price of Social Security.

Now comes the really scary (part 1):

The democrats agenda is clear:

1st amendment = under attack
2nd amendment = under attack
No taxation without representation = gone
Privately owned banks and financial institutions = gone
Government control of food production = coming soon
Government control of health care = almost here
Term limits on Supreme Court Justices = coming soon
Term limits of U.S. Presidents = suspension coming soon

And now the really, REALLY SCARY (PART TWO)

Guess Who?

*I was born in one country, raised in another. My father was born in another country. I was not his only child. He fathered several children with numerous women. *
*I became very close to my mother, as my father showed no interest in me. My mother died at an early age from cancer. *
*Later in life, questions arose over my real name. *
*My birth records were sketchy and no one was able to produce a legitimate,reliable birth certificate. *
*I grew up practicing one faith but converted to Christianity, as it was widely accepted in my country, but *
*I practiced non-traditional beliefs & didn't follow Christianity, except in the public eye under scrutiny. *
*I worked and lived among lower-class people as a young adult, disguising myself as someone who really cared about them. *
*That was before I decided it was time to get serious about my life and I embarked on a new career. *
*I wrote a book about my struggles growing up. It was clear to those who read my memoirs that I had difficulties accepting that my father abandoned me as a child. *
*I became active in local politics in my 30's then with help behind the scenes, I literally burst onto the scene as a candidate for national office in my 40s. They said I had a golden tongue and could talk anyone into anything. That reinforced my conceit. *
*I had a virtually non-existent resume, little work history, and no experience in leading a single organization. Yet I was a powerful speaker and citizens were drawn to me as though I were a magnet and they were small roofing tacks. *
*I drew incredibly large crowds during my public appearances. This bolstered my ego. *
*At first, my political campaign focused on my country's foreign policy. I was very critical of my country in the last war and seized every opportunity to bash my country. *
*But what launched my rise to national prominence were my views on the country's economy. I pretended to have a really good plan on how we could do better and every poor person would be fed & housed for free. *
*I knew which group was responsible for getting us into this mess. It was the free market, banks & corporations. I decided to start making citizens hate them and if they were envious of others who did well, the plan was clinched tight. *
*I called mine "A People's Campaign" and that sounded good to all people. *
*I was the surprise candidate because I emerged from outside the traditional path of politics & was able to gain widespread popular support. *
*I knew that, if I merely offered the people 'hope' , together we could change our country and the world. *
*So, I started to make my speeches sound like they were on behalf of the downtrodden, poor, ignorant to include "persecuted minorities" like the Jews. My true views were not widely known & I needed to keep them unknown, until after I became my nation's leader. *
*I had to carefully guard reality, as anybody could have easily found out what I really believed, if they had simply read my writings and examined those people I associated with. *
*I'm glad they didn't. Then I became the most powerful man in the world. And the world learned the truth. *

*Who am I? .........*


Perhaps this wasn't quite the change Americans had in mind when they chose Barack Obama. The Democrat Party had different ideas------or did they?

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