Sunday, August 03, 2008

Unfit for Command---Part Deux

The saga of the Democrat Party continues in this 2008 version of a selection process that has once again failed to produce a candidate worthy of an electorate that hungers for the kind of leadership that is anything other than empty promises based on reinforced entitlements and a re-distribution of wealth philosophy. Obama's banter of "give me your tired, poor, and destitute and I'll provide a government program to relieve your pain" are the same tactics the left has attempted going back to Lyndon Johnson. His recent world celebrity tour was nothing short of an embarrassment by kow-towing to other world leaders with his "we are the world" conception based on his willing appeasement and virtual apology for this nation's success in putting world terrorism in check. It's quite understandable that the man could not face our brave comrades in a foreign hospital with the knowledge that he has turned his back on their heroic efforts time and again.

On the national economic front, Obama has (in the Clinton tradition of governing by polls) once again shifted his position on offshore drilling just enough to appease the "undecided’s" knowing full well that the environmental lobby will tie up the much needed exploration with lawsuits well into the next decade, (think spotted owl). Many of Obama's plans to double the size of government are explained on his own website: A perfect example is his plan to create a National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank LINK to "to expand and enhance, not supplant, existing federal transportation investments". In the guise of "change", taking an already complex government bureaucracy and adding another will simply put more of our tax dollars into the hands of the very politicians the electorate has despised. Bowing to his socialist left constituency, Obama's plans to re-invent government is nothing short of a re-distribution of wealth philosophy that will destroy the business structure and free market capitalism that has provided this nation with a tradition of success that has rivaled the world.

From McGovern, Dukakis, Gore, and Kerry, the Democrat Party has once again provided the electorate with a candidate that is not only dangerous to our economic and national security future, they've simply chosen "ONE" who is unfit for command.

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