Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Democrats Final "Big State" Races Coming to a Close

What may look like the last chance for either Democratic candidate to move substantially ahead of the other Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton head into today's two primaries in North Carolina and Indiana hoping to make a "statement" that this race should be over.

RCP Polls this morning put Barack Obama at +8 in North Carolina and Hillary Clinton up by +5 in Indiana, which looks like if the polls are close, these two primaries will be pretty much another wash. With the exception of the obviously skewed (weighted) CBS/New York Times poll that shows both Clinton and Obama leading John McCain by double digits, the RCP shows Obama up by +1 and Clinton by +3. Throw out the CBS/NYT poll and McCain leads Obama and is dead even with Clinton. With 115 delegates up for grabs in No. Carolina and only 72 available in Indiana, Obama may very well come out of the day with a net gain in pledged delegates.

By tomorrow morning we, (the American electorate) may very well see the waters of the Democratic Party still just as muddied as the previous day. Look for the MSM to do their best to spin the results that will best fit their agenda, and ramp up their negative stories on John McCain.

I will leave this post open to additional script as the day progresses and the media rhetoric develops.........

Update: Drudge is reporting that Obama may have as much as a 15% lead over Clinton in NC. This will most likely over-shadow Clinton's percieved win in Indiana.

Update II: Zogby's latest telephone poll has Obama ahead in both states:

"The pair of surveys of the Democratic presidential contests shows Obama with a significant 14-point lead in North Carolina, winning 51% support to Hillary Clinton’s 37%. Another 12% said they were either favoring someone else or were as yet undecided. In Indiana, the race is clear as mud, as Obama holds a statistically insignificant lead of two points, winning 45% support to Clinton’s 43% support, with 12% either undecided or favoring someone else."

(it will be interesting to see where Zogby comes out here with his tele-polls)

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