Thursday, April 10, 2008

San Francisco Protesters Get "Torched" by Route Change

AP and Washington Post Spin Troop Reductions Story

Meanwhile Pelosi and the Dumbocrats in the House continue their moonbattery:

"As Congress prepares to take up a new war spending bill, House Democratic defense appropriators agreed this week on three policy prescriptions: a government-wide ban on torture, a mandate that soldiers and Marines be given at least a month at home for every month in combat, and a withdrawal timetable that would be longer than past failed efforts and that would explicitly leave the details of withdrawal to military commanders."

While General Petraeus, Ambasador Crocker, and our President are all on the same page in protecting the gains made over the past seventeen months that have turned the corner in violence in Iraq, our Democratic "leadership" continues down the road of surrender and defeatism while pandering to their radical left anti-war crowd.

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