Friday, June 29, 2007

Immigration In a Nutshell

With the immigration fiasco now returned to a dormant stage (and many senators scratching their collective heads), the mainstream media, (spoon fed by the democratic strategist), are in full force blaming George Bush and the republicans for their failure to produce meaningful legislation. One has to wonder if either side fully intended to implement a border security measure that most Americans were demanding. A bi-partisan agreement to stop the free flow of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border would have left neither party with a clear hold on the Latino vote, which many consider the "big prize". I would submit that many of the voting electorate watched diligently while the senate made complete fools of themselves. Conservatives had to be fully aware of the vigorous agenda that Edward Kennedy displayed throughout the procession. Kennedy rarely (basically never) shows the energy he put forth without a serious motive, and at this point in his career, anything (other than a cocktail glass) with his fingerprints embedded on it has to be examined.

I have written (twice) about the unprecedented legislative procedure that the majority leader (Harry Reid) put forth with only hand picked backroom amendments allowed to reach the floor for consideration.

With the balance in the Senate, Reid must have known that any one amendment (that could pass) that would throw a wrench in the gears of their motivation would surely backfire. What Reid (and many other senators) did not foresee was the input from the electorate. One poll, (and we are all starting to hate polls) that stood out was that a strong majority of Americans are demanding border security and enforcement to be the main priority of the legislation, and again, neither side of the isle seemed to grasp this point. Indeed, they literally thumbed their collective noses at an American electorate that want to stop the free flow of illegal immigration. Watching the multitude of illegal’s entering the country and receiving taxpayer funded benefits. (without contributing to that tax base), is putting a bad taste in the mouths of those who play by the rules and are barely getting by. Add to that a large portion of the money earned being transferred to a country that has little incentive to provide or promote their own economic security, and we have created a permanent welfare state across the southern border. THIS IS GOVERNMENT SPONSERED AND CONTROLLED SOCIALISM. And no one in a leadership position seems to care to effect a remedy or a proper solution. Deporting 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants is certainly not the answer. But throwing a 300 page piece of "legislation" in our faces, (and saying "this is as good as it gets" (Lindsay Graham), was not going to be swallowed this time around.


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