Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How to Win/Lose In Dafydd

Dafydd, at Big Lizzards has produced an excellent anology:

Hatched by Dafydd

Arthur Herman, he of the "Herman Option" -- which may be less effective now, as Iran tries desperately to convert vehicles to natural gas, than when Herman first proposed it -- has a new article up on the Wall Street Journal's "How to Win In Iraq."
(Be aware; the sub-head is "And how to lose.")

The article is long, so I will summarize its main points, peppering them with my own few thoughts en route, rather than waiting until the end.

Herman not only points the way to military success in Iraq, he also warns of the most imminent danger threatening to turn that victory in defeat. But in the end, I demonstrate why we will likely prevail after all, dodging that deadly peril. At the end of the political steel-cage death match, Democratic defeatism will be the loser (and will have to leave down in November 2008).
So slither on, friend readers...

Slither on, o Wise, for "How to Win/Lose In Iraq" doth continue...

Please take the time to read the complete post. It is well worth the reading, IMHO

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