Thursday, September 22, 2005

And why do you think Haliburton is up? Maybe just because there have been so much construction going on thruout the whole world? Duh.......git a clue people......the Blame Haliburton, Cheney, and every other republican for the woes of your pain breaks my heart. When there is "demand" for a product and you can supply it, there should be a profit in it. "It" is called capitalism. And it works very well. All of you leftist-pinko-kool-aid drinkers may not even get it in the next election how far and whacko you have gotten from "mainstream" America.

Somebody said to me the other day that they thought one of GW's biggest mistakes was going fishing the day before Katrina hit shore and ripped a whole in this country.

I got to thinkin bout that and I came to the (probable) same solution GW figured. Short of resigning, my president figured it would be the last time he would have for fishin for a very long time. The work was about to begin with no discernible "end" in sight. Would any other president prefer to have a "plate so full"?

Could history say no president (in modern times) has had to take on a "religious" war where our enemy's only goal is to exterminate us. Take on two countrys with nuclear capabilities and be blackmailed into some form of restitution for a so-called rollback, and have mother nature's fury rise up and take a bite out of our motherland? Oh, and in his spare time liberated two countrys that have lived in tyranny for much a generation.

Is our presidents plate full? You bet! Will he, with the help of all of us try (attempt to try) to get thru this? I think it is time for the left and the right to both sit down to the table and git a "platefull". It would show the character and resolve of this nation, (under God), and indivisible.

Oh yeah, go fishin first. It might be a while for you git to go again.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Safe and Sound (The Landing)

Kevin Aylward over at Wizbang just did a whale of a "live" blog on the Jet Blue flight rerouted to LA international.

I'm thinkin' the feller that set that plane down deserves somthin' special in his Christmas bonus.
I'm also thinkin the reason it took so long for the passengers to dissembark was cause every one of them wanted to give the pilot a personnel hug. ? Ya think? I know I would (at least) like to shake the man's hand. Don't ya love a good ending?

Full story here

Monday, September 19, 2005

N. Korea Pledges to Drop Nuclear Arms

Monday, September 19, 2005Fox News/AP

BEIJING — North Korea pledged to drop its nuclear weapons development and rejoin international arms treaties in a unanimous agreement Monday with other countries at six-party arms talks (search). The joint statement was the first ever after more than two years of negotiations.

The North "promised to drop all nuclear weapons and current nuclear programs and to get back to the (Nuclear) Nonproliferation Treaty as soon as possible and to accept inspections" by the International Atomic Energy Agency (search), according to the agreement by the six countries at the talks.

"All six parties emphasized that to realize the inspectable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is the target of the six-party talks," the statement said.
The North and United States also pledged in the agreement to respect each other's sovereignty and right to peaceful coexistence, and also to take steps to normalize relations.

"The United States affirmed that it has no nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula and has no intention to attack or invade (North Korea) with nuclear or conventional weapons," according to the statement, assurances echoed by South Korea.

Negotiators agreed to hold more talks in November, where they were expected to move on to concrete discussions about implementing the broad principles outlined in Monday's agreement. The main U.S. envoy, Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill (search), has warned that could still be a long process.,2933,169731,00.html

Now all we need is for Iran to follow suit, the Palestinians to "reconize" Isreal, OBL and al-Zarqawi to shrivel up or die, allowing out troops to come home, and Cindy can go home and morn her son in peace. Then we can all concentrate on re-building the Gulf Coast, maintaining the presence of God (in our culture), and, (what the hell) world peace.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Blame Game Running it's Gamut

The Democrats continue to self-destruct in so many ways. Used to be the moderates had and used common sense representing their constituents. They gotta be getting nervous with the direction and choices the the "extreme" left has taken. With the latest polls showing only 13% of the country really think the President is responsible for the poor response in the disaster of Katrina, the left continues to spew the "blame it on Bush" game. Now they are starting to look pretty silly with all these false accusations. Seems to be getting obvious that the responsibility started from the local level up. Not the top down. But the Dems have been upside down since '94 and haven't seen much straight since.

Wes Pruden, over at the Washington Times sums up the Democrats meltdown:

"But as appalling as the behavior of the churlish, the thuggish and the barbaric has been, the behavior of our politicians is worse. The politicians, who have the excuse of neither poverty nor ignorance, deliberately exploit the misery of others for personal gain. The early rebukes of the mayor, the governor and the president got things moving, but with that accomplished you might think that for once we're neither black nor white, liberal nor conservative, Republican nor Democrat, but Americans eager to help other Americans.

When Rep. Diane Watson of California said "desperate people do desperate things," she was "explaining" looters, robbers and rapists in the Big Easy, but she might have been talking about her Democratic colleagues in Washington. None of the mudballs they've thrown at George W. connect; most Americans don't blame presidents for hurricanes. When Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. asked, "Who are we to say what law and order should be in this unspeakable environment?" he only reveals that he never listened in Sunday school. Lawlessness and disorder, whether by lynch mobs or by roaming robbers and rapists, is wrong. Democratic frustration runs at flood tide, with no relief in sight. " Complete story here.

To make matters worse, the left out in California try to run an end round the will of the electorate by passing a gay marriage bill even after prop 22 in 2000 dictated how the people of California felt about the definition, and the institution of marriage. This legislation will be vetoed by Schwarzenegger, (which I believe was the whole plan to alienate some of his perceived base), but the Dems may even see this one backfire come election time. Debra J. Saunders has a great post on the subject in the SF Chronicle called "A marriage of convenience".

Her first two paragraphs sum up the most upsetting part of this legislation:

"IN PASSING a law to legalize same-sex marriages, Democrats in the Legislature sent a clear message to California voters: You don't count. And I say that as someone who was in the minority in 2000. I voted against Proposition 22, an initiative that outlawed same-sex marriage, but 61 percent of state voters supported the measure.

On the one hand, it was courageous for Democrats -- only Dems, but not all Dems, voted for the same-sex marriage bill introduced by Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco -- to ignore the will of the voters and vote their conscience. But the vote also was arrogant, because it flouted California law. " Read the whole story here.

Pelosi Wins Parks and Flood Control Funding for San FranciscoThursday, July 28, 2005

"With these funds, the Maritime Park can protect this striking local landmark from the wear and tear of time and weather, preserving it for future generations to enjoy," Pelosi said.

"Residents of Shotwell Street have suffered chronic flooding for years, with water rising several feet into their homes following heavy rains. It's time to fix the problem," Pelosi said.

I sure hope the folks on Shotwell Street don't have the same problems as the folks on Bourbon Street. Instead of Pelosi making a jackass of herself accusing the President of failures, she might want to make sure the money is spent properly in her own district. It appears the Democrats in Louisiana had that problem.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

David Brooks (In la la land)

Our dear Mr. Brooks, from the New York Times is dreaming. (Again) Brooks starts with a comparison of 911 vrs New Orleans and misses "poorly" (pun intended).

"On Sept. 11, Rudy Giuliani took control. The government response was quick and decisive. The rich and poor suffered alike. Americans had been hit, but felt united and strong. Public confidence in institutions surged."

I'm not sure where Brooks standards of "poor" are but I seriously doubt many poor people perished in Manhattan that day, so his next paragraph becomes moot, but I will continue for the sake of his lunacy.

"Last week in New Orleans, by contrast, nobody took control. Authority was diffuse and action was ineffective. The rich escaped while the poor were abandoned. Leaders spun while looters rampaged. Partisans squabbled while the nation was ashamed."

Lt. Gen. Carl Strock, commander of the Army Corps of Engineers, responding to criticism that the federal response has been slow and inadequate, said the destruction of communications lines and transportation routes made it very difficult to determine exactly where help was needed and to get workers and supplies there.

"Our biggest problem is communications," he said, noting that cellular phone towers were all knocked out, making it nearly impossible for citizens in need to call for help. "We have to know where to drop (supplies) and what to drop."

While the people with the means of transportation exited (with the advice from authorities), there was obviously no plan in place (by any local or state government) to assist in the evacuation for those who had no means. All those school buses locked up in a yard would have gone a long way in assisting the poor. Again, the lack of communication seems to be the vital point in contributing to the disaster.

But let's get back to Mr. Brooks B.S. :

"Over the past few years, we have seen intelligence failures in the inability to prevent Sept. 11 and find W.M.D.'s in Iraq. We have seen incompetent postwar planning. We have seen the collapse of Enron and corruption scandals on Wall Street. We have seen scandals at our leading magazines and newspapers, steroids in baseball, the horror of Abu Ghraib."

Hey David, did ya forget to mention over twenty million people who have been suffering for decades in two countrys have been liberated? And is it troubling for you to report that this administration took us from the perils of 911 to one of the stongest economic rebounds in the history of this country? The "scandals" at our "leading" mags and newspapers continues in your current article.

"It's already clear this will be known as the grueling decade, the Hobbesian decade. Americans have had to acknowledge dark realities that it is not in our nature to readily acknowledge: the thin veneer of civilization, the elemental violence in human nature, the lurking ferocity of the environment, the limitations on what we can plan and know, the cumbersome reactions of bureaucracies, the uncertain progress good makes over evil. "

Mr. Brooks thinks these challenges and disasters will bring this country to it's knees and the only solution (he wishes) is for a wholesale change from the top down. I disagree. His "ivory tower" mentality will continue spew this doom and gloom that only a progressive liberal society can repair. The "blame Bush" crowd will fall on deaf ears when the average person (rich and poor) rise up the the challenges that face us ahead. The entire gulf region will be rebuilt for obvious reasons; prosperity (by getting in and getting our hands dirty), the generosity from those who give and expect nothing in return, and our heritage and history demands it.

Again Mr. Brooks and the left have underestimated (and attempted to undermine) the power and resolve of the people of this country. This is still America David. Americans will overcome, improvise, rebuild, and rise again to the standard of living we have all become accustomed to.
The size of the pocketbook or the color of our skin will not matter to most of us. Only the opinions of a few, (like this one) will hamper our recovery. "The Bursting Point" is in your brain
David, not mine.