Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We Are Such a Safer World Under Obama

With the national exposure of the NSA spying program, and tapping the phones of our allies, this conversation took place on the Morning Joe Show.  You can watch the whole segment or skip to 8:47 to hear Joe mock the entire crew of the show.......

The look on every one of these liberal pundits was hilarious......as they had zero rebuttal.

Monday, October 28, 2013

49ers 2013 Mid-Season Evaluation

After scoring a total of ten points in the Niner’s two losses, (against Seattle and the Colts), the 6-2 Niners are now averaging almost 35 points per game during their five-game winning steak.  (34.8 to be exact)

However, not one team that the Niners defeated in this streak is over .500, (with Arizona at 4-4, and the rest under water).  After a well deserved bye week, the Niners will play  a possible 5-3 team (in Candlestick) against the Carolina Panthers.  The Panthers play at home against a fading Atlanta Falcons team, (currently at 2-5), while the Niners rest. It would be a serious mistake to take the Panthers lightly.

It gets a little tougher the next two weeks, as the Niners go on the road, first into New Orleans, (6-1 and could be 8-1 when they meet), and then into Washington against an unpredictable Redskins team, (currently at 2-5)  The game against the Saints could certainly be a prelude to a playoff game, even perhaps an NFC Championship game.

After the road trip, the Niners play their final four out of five games against teams under .500, (Rams, @Tampa Bay, Atlanta, and @Arizona), with THE BIG ONE coming in week #14, December 8th,  against our rival Seahawks at Candlestick.  This one will most likely decide the division leader, home field advantage, and of course bragging rights.  Bottom line---no one wants to see our Niners having to play back up in Seattle AGAIN THIS YEAR, so this is a must win for the Red and Gold.

The Forty Niners are approaching a bit of an internal dilemma these next few weeks, with players coming off the DL, (wide receivers Manningham and Crabtree, CB Eric Wright, and possibly Aldon Smith sometime soon---see link)

This means some players will have to come off the roster.  Rumors of letting Anthony Dixon go, bothers me, since he is a quality player, including special teams play.  We’ll see how the management does over the next few weeks.

Overall, after the disastrous 1-2 start, the 6-2 Niners have had a pretty good first half of the season with the running game now in full throttle, and Colin Kaepernick leading the NFC in QB ratings., (#3 in the entire league)  It looks like they’re improving on both sides of the ball each week, and even the special teams have been solid.  If they can remain healthy by December 8th, perhaps they can get some payback from the Seahawks, and set the future going into the playoffs.

Bonus question for real 49er fans: Does anyone know who McLeod Bethel-Thompson is?

Answer: Bethel-Thompson is our third string quarterback (currently inactive) behind Colt McCoy.  Bethel-Thompson was picked up on Oct. 9th when he was released by the Vikings and reportedly played well in pre-season.  See the full story here.

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sorry Mr. Krauthammer---We Disagree

I watched the special on Charles Krauthammer this morning, (with Bret Baier)

The interview with Dr. Krauthammer was a great/inspiring life story about overcoming a tragic freak accident, and not really missing a beat in charging ahead with life’s challenges. His story only solidifies my admiration for the man, (and his transition from a staunch liberal to a fairly right-wing Conservative).  And, it would be ungenerous to not mention his latest book being released: Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics


I still have one argument with Dr. Krauthammer’s assessment/supposition of the ObamaCare debate. Krauthammer asserts that the “maneuver” by the Conservative right, (specifically Ted Cruz, and mostly Tea Party Republicans)---to completely defund ObamaCare---was a flawed strategy.  But his argument is based on the fact that the program had no chance of being defunded with only one legislative branch controlled by Republicans.  All true.  But here’s my rebuttal to Mr. Krauthammer:

#1): Where would the over-all awareness to the general public, and, more importantly, the voters, on the state of ObamaCare---which was officially starting its enrollment process, be without Ted Cruz’s 21-hour “filibuster”/information clinic?  What would have happened if Cruz or the Tea Party wing of the House NEVER ATTEMPTED to both repeal, and then defund this government take-over of the health insurance industry?  Would the liberal media, (even in their editorials), have written ANYTHING, but positive glorifying attributes about the unfolding nightmare?  Would the national coverage have been the same without Ted Cruz’s “campaign spectacle” exploiting this federal government grab?  Would the media ever have dared to report that millions are losing their current health care plans?  The answer is a resounding NO.

#2): (and this is admittedly awesome hindsight). Given how the events unfolded, (the disastrous roll-out, and website debacles), didn’t it become prudent that Democrats were put ON THE RECORD*, (as always by Harry Reid’s Do Nothing Senate), that they rejected every appropriation sent to the Senate during the partial “shutdown”, and debt ceiling “crisis”?  With several Senate Democrats now coming on board to delay the individual mandate, the bill sent to the Senate originally last July, and most recently just before the shutdown, that would have kept the government OPEN and RUNNING---Democrats are now on record for not compromising on one simple provision that is now becoming inevitable.  The liberal media will NEVER ADMIT to these facts, that President Obama, (who proclaimed from the start---”I will not negotiate with hostage-takers”) and Harry’s Senate were steadfast on denying any compromise offered by Republicans---INCLUDING DELAYING THE INDIVIDUAL MANDATE.

* In the political world, putting an opponent “on the record”, (actual votes on legislation), carries far more weight than what ever rhetoric comes from the opponent, (or the liberal media’s echo-chamber/biased reporting).  When this next election cycle approaches, (2014 mid-terms), all the rhetorical ads and “proclamations”, made by the liberal Democrats, can be defeated by one Republican ad stating how the opponent VOTED ON THE RECORD.

I would submit that had Senator Cruz, (with no help from his RINO-BELTWAY Republican “colleagues”) and the House Republicans NOT PROVIDED the forum for national media attention, or the consistent House legislation sent to the Senate and summarily rejected, the table would never have been set, (to put Democrats on the record), and worse, ObamaCare would have limped in with little fanfare, far less scrutiny, and the American Public would have been subjected to an endless display of glorification by this impending disaster.   IT, (THE CRUZ-MISSLE) WAS NEVER ABOUT SERIOUSLY/LEGISLATIVELY REPEALING OBAMACARE.  Both Ted Cruz and House Republicans always knew it could never happen with Obama’s veto power.  However, it was about raising the goal post---read awareness---so more Americans would see the travesty that is ObamaCare.  In this premise, Mr. Krauthammer, it was a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

(editor's note: the author reserves the right to revise and extend/edit this post at any time---it's MY BLOG. However, if any changes are significant or changes factual context, I will note the changes at the bottom of the post)  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Glitch in the Software

Bones: “Dammit Jim, I'm a Doctor not a software repairman!"

Spock: "Jim, I think Khan has infiltrated the system".

Scotty: "And you can expect only impulse power for a few light-years Jim"

Captain Kirk: "This wasn't in the Kobayashi Maru"

Spock: “The Kobayashi Maru didn’t have liberal progressive Democrats, Jim“.

Bones: “Is that a disease?  Maybe I can help”

Khan: [quoting from Melville's Moby Dick] To the last, I will grapple with thee... from Hell's heart, I stab at thee! For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee!  “And, I will release ObamaCare into your computer systems, that you will never resolve, even if you re-write 5 million codes”.

Bones: “Never mind”.

That's right folks---FIVE MILLION CODES need to be re-written because some one decided in the days just before its release that maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to allow prospective buyers to SHOP FIRST.

The first question Issa should ask Sebelius next week, is why some one in the administration decided to block the feature to SHOP FIRST, before signing up and providing your personal history from cradle to grave. Of course, we all know the answer, the government didn't want to scare off their lemmings with STICKER SHOCK, before they could LOCK IN your personal information that THEY NOW OWN FOR ETERNITY.

Sadly, the rising cost of health care premiums, (which politifact confirms), isn't the only liability of the Affordable Health Care Act.  Its roll-out has been an unmitigated nightmare.  And this is only the beginning.

Beam me up, Scotty, and get the engines into warp drive asap!

Update: Please read all of Allahpundit's "Quotes of the Day" to get a full description of this health care disaster.

Update #2: Liberal media pundits at each-others throats over O'Care roll-out.