Friday, August 31, 2007


Zogby Says Most Americans Believe Iraq War Not Lost: Press Says...Nothing
By Richard Newcomb August 30, 2007 - 22:47 ET

A new Zogby Poll says that 54 percent of Americans believe Iraq is not a lost cause. However, the mainstram media have so far not managed to report much if anything on the startling new poll.

A majority of Americans - 54% - believe the United States has not lost the war in Iraq, but there is dramatic disagreement on the question between Democrats and Republicans, a new UPI/Zogby Interactive poll shows. While two in three Democrats (66%) said the war effort has already failed, just 9% of Republicans say the same. (link)

Government Your Local Support.....

Scott Ott at Scrappleface is at his finest in this post:


(2007-08-31) — President George Bush today ordered the heads of the Treasury and Housing departments to find ways to help prevent people stuck with high-risk subprime mortgages from defaulting on those loans during a housing slump. In an addendum to his memo, he also directed his Cabinet Secretaries to help “cushion the blow” for people who make losing bets in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and “other regional investment centers.”

“This is what government does best,” said the president, who campaigned for office as a Republican. “It’s government’s job to protect the people who gamble from enduring any negative consequences of that behavior.” (read the whole thing here)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Local Artist Nearing Completion

Local Humboldt County Artist Duane Flatmo says this will most likely be the largest canvas, (70 by 120 feet), he will ever work on. Duane's been working on this all summer and may finish in the next few weeks. The building is the Arkley Center for the Preforming Arts owned and renevated by Rob and Cherie Arkley.

Check out more of Flatmo's work here

I've watched Duane working on this mural since the begining. Duane also does our Redwood Coast Jazz Festival Poster. Very nice work Mr. Flatmo. Eureka thanks you.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bush's Vacation

Mike at Flopping Aces points out the highlights of Bush's "vacation":

If this is a vacation, what is work like?

President Bush started his annual summer "vacation" meeting with the new French President, the pro-American Nicolas Sarkozy, who dropped over from his own vacation in nearby New Hampshire to visit with the Bush family at their Kennebunkport, Maine retreat.

Yesterday, President Bush was in Canada, where the "most pro-American leader in the Western world," Prime Minister Stephen Harper hosted a summit with the U.S. and Mexico..........
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Mainstream Media Crisis Rovin

Eye of the Storm found in the "un-credible" sources.

While the media storm is shifting from boots on the ground, (George Bush's and General Petraeus's successful "surge") to the lack of political reconciliation in Iraq, the mainstream media, (MSM), has been exposed to a conspirisy of producing un-named sources in the form of pseudonyms.

Attempting to shape the dialogue for Petraeus's upcoming September report to congress and the public, it has been discovered that the MSM has been soliciting sources for their publications that are questionable at best and may be self-producing the sources when they have none.

In the wake of AP's Jamil Hussein ghost-writing debacle, and the recent fabrications written by The "Baghdad Diarist," writing under the pseudonym Scott Thomas, some news media outlets have been cautious, while others are going about their "business as usual" by publishing storys that have little or no credibility. Look for this method of producing "news" to escalate next month and on into the election cycle. Newsbusters may want to increase their staff for a bit------their going to be busy.

Jack Bauer Rovin

Time right for Garofalo on '24'

Actress-comedian Janeane Garofalo, an outspoken liberal, is set to co-star on the conservative-leaning real-time drama, whose co-creator/executive producer Joel Surnow jokingly describes himself as a "right-wing nut job...........

"Garofalo's appearences on the West Wing and Air America (both now defunct) will spell the downfall of a failing 24 by the end of the current season. "Sleeping with the enemy" comes to mind. (The Hollywood Reporter contributed to this report)

Friday, August 17, 2007

What is the State of the Democratic Party?

Can they even attempt to withdraw the contempt they have had for our military? Can a victory for a Nation go a long way towards stability and peace? Or do they even care? Now they are attempting to frame the report by General Petraeus before the man has prepared it. Are the Democrats so invested in failure that they see no success? And can we call this "leadership"?

Will they ever come to their senses? The video says it all.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Credibility on the ground in Iraq

by Beldars Blog:

The following paragraph, from one of war correspondent Michael Yon's latest dispatches, vividly and directly states a theme that has been implicit in much of his writing:

"Large numbers of Iraqis detested us after the prisoner abuse stories, and some over-the-top attacks on Fallujah, for example. But through time, somehow the American military has managed to establish a moral authority in Iraq. It’s not the only authority, but the military has serious and increasing moral clout. In the beginning, our influence flowed from guns, or dropped from the wings of jets. Later it was the money. Today, the clout still is partially from the gun, and definitely the money is key, but there is an intangible and growing moral clout and it flows from an increasing respect among Iraqis for our military. Washington has no moral clout in Iraq. Washington looks like a circus act. The authority is coming from our military. The importance of this fact would be difficult to understate."

There's much anticipation among pundits and, perhaps, the public to hear what Gen. Petraeus will have to say in his promised status report in September, and I don't mean to suggest that it's going to be unimportant. But the reason I value Yon's writing so much is that he gives us rolling, on-going first-person observations, along with status reports, from the captains and the majors and the lieutenant colonels in the field. It's not sugar-coated, and it's not larger than life reporting; to the contrary, it is usually very granular and specific. But it aggregates......

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New Home Run King

Barry Bonds completed his journey to the top of the major league home run record last night against the Washington Nationals:
SAN FRANCISCO -- Now he is second to none.

Barry Bonds joined the pantheon of the baseball gods Tuesday night at AT&T Park by hitting his 756th homer, passing the legendary Hank Aaron to take over perhaps Major League Baseball's most hallowed record: first place on the all-time home run list.

The homer, Bonds' 22nd of the season, ended Aaron's more than 33-year reign as MLB's home run king. Aaron has held at least a tie for the top spot on the homer list since he knotted Babe Ruth on April 4, 1974, Opening Day of that season at Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium.

"Right now, I'm very happy that it's all over with," Bonds said long after the Nationals defeated his Giants, 8-6. "I'm really happy with my teammates. That's the most important thing. And the fans, like I said, the fans here are my family. No one will ever take that away. No one can ever take that away.".......... LINK